Yes/No Chart


This plugin provides the function to create a set of questions to answer with “yes / no (/or other)”.
Requires PHP: 5.5

The guide is here. ガイドはこちらです

Tangkapan Layar

  • List of “Question Set”: 設問セットのリスト
  • List of “Questions” belonging to the set: セット内の設問のリスト
  • Form for adding new “Question”: 設問を追加するフォーム
  • Adding new question as a “Result”: 「結果」として設問を追加
  • Select a “Branch” from the questions in the same set: 同じセットの設問から分岐先を選択
  • You can set up to 10 branches “Yes, No” and others: 分岐先は「はい・いいえ」など10個まで設定可能
  • After setting all, Insert short-code on any page: 設定が済んだら任意のページにショートコードを挿入
  • It will start with the first question: 最初の設問から開始
  • A question without “Branch” is used as “result” and it is a end point: 分岐のない設問は「結果(終点)」です
  • If you make a “Branch” to the first question, it is “Once again”: 最初の質問への分岐を作ると「もう1度」です


This plug-in makes several pages and data base tables automatically.


  1. Donwload plugin zip file.

  2. Upload plugin file from Administrator menu “Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin”.
    管理画面「プラグイン > 新規追加 > プラグインのアップロード」からプラグインファイルをアップロードします

  3. Activate the plugin.

Set questions

  1. Open a menu “Yes / No: Question Set”.
    “Question Set” is a group that brings together questions.
    メニュー「Yes/No: 設問セット」を開きます。

  2. Insert the name of new question set in the top line, and “Update”.
    When it is added, open “Add Question”.

  3. Enter the question contents.
    You can choose “Question (with branch)” and “Result (No branch)”.

  4. You can edit the question from list of “Questions”.

  5. Select a “Branch” from the questions in the same set.
    You can set up to 10 branches “Yes, No” and others.
    A question without “Branch” is used as “result” and it is a end point.

  6. After setting all, Insert short-code on any page.

Tanya Jawab

  • If you encounter some problems, please ask me.

Can not set questions in the “Editor” role?

If you want the “Editor” role to also set the question, add the following code to the theme “functions.php”.
“編集者”権限でも設問を設定させる場合は、お使いのテーマの”functions.php” に次のようにコードを追加してください。

add_filter('yesno_allow_menu', 'my_menu_role',99 );
function my_menu_role( $args ){
    return 'edit_pages';
add_filter('yesno_allow_generate', 'my_generate_role', 99 );
function my_generate_role( $args ){
    return current_user_can('edit_pages');

* See the document on roles.


7 Februari 2024
Yes, The explanation is in Japanese, but it’s easy to understand how it works.You end with a shortcode to put on your WP and it’s perfect.You can even loop to the first question to get unlimited quizz.I suggest you to draw it first. And follow question number in order to not loose your mind.The only remark is that I cannot remove the ‘back’ button’, but I will live with this.You have to créate all the question and answer first, and do the link one by one after because link are possible only if the next question exist, so better write them all firstly.It’s like a chatbot, but free, forever.
12 Juli 2019
This yes/no chart is exactly what I needed. You can create a solution for example for people who are doubting about making a choice. Via created questionnaire people can be directed to an certain choice/advise. The plugin is responsive and fits in all themes.
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Log Perubahan


  • Fixed shortcode parameter security issue.


  • Fixed a bug when Quotation marks (single or double) were used in “Label” of the question choices.


  • In yesno.js, automatic scrollback was turned off by default.


  • The scroll has been added that return to the top of the “Yes/No Chart” block after clicking the “Yes/No” button.


  • The text of the “back” button in yesno.js was localized by the translation file.


  • After displaying the result, the child elements of ‘# choices’ will be removed with transparency.


  • When creating the table, collation of text type column is set to “utf8_general_ci”.


  • Roles that can set question can be changed by “yesno_allow_generate” filter.
  • Small bug fix.


  • “Redirect to(URL)” is saved without entering a question.


  • Problem with the back button fixed.


  • “yesno.js” has been slightly fixed.


  • “Requires at least” was changed to “4.4”.
  • This plugin update information feed has been added.


  • First release.