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WPCore Plugin Manager


WPCore is a tool that allows you to manage collections of WordPress plugins and then quickly install them on any WordPress site. You can generate your collections at and then import them to your WordPress site by copying and pasting your unique collection key in WordPress.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Create plugin collections at
  • Install them instantly on any WordPress site.


  1. Download the plugin via
  2. Upload the ZIP file through the \”Plugins > Add New > Upload\” screen in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  4. Generate a plugin collection
  5. Add some plugins to that collection
  6. Copy the unique collection key
  7. In your WordPress admin panel visit Settings -> WPCore
  8. Add collection keys
  9. Install the plugins!

Tanya Jawab

You’ll find the FAQ on


3 Februari 2021
This plugin works by configuring the list of plugins on the developer's website, which then provides a code you can enter in the plugin's screen on your own website to retrieve the list. It is based on the tgmpa library, which contains a bug that causes an error message during some plugin installs, but the install still works so that's just an irritant. The main problem is it's difficult to configure the list of plugins on the developer's website. The search function works very poorly, and the list of plugins is displayed in a space-wasting, unsorted way, making it hard to determine whether you have added all the plugins you need. There also doesn't seem to be a distinction between plugins that should just be installed, versus installed and activated. Rather than a key to reference information on their website, it would actually be more convenient to have a field to paste in a list of the desired plugins. This is a bit too elaborate.
30 Desember 2020
Great utility, works fine with thanks!
28 Mei 2020
A great idea, but sadly increasingly incompatible with too many themes. Most of my regular premium themes throw up 404 errors as soon as I hit "install plugins" from within WP Core. According to the plugin's support, there's "unfortunately nothing that can be done". Too bad.
31 Maret 2020
I’m surprised I never heard of this plugin before. It’s so useful, and it’s going to safe me time in setting up new sites. Thanks for keeping this plugin updated.
28 Januari 2020
Right now it is the very first plugin I install in every freseh wordpress install: it stores all my favorite essentials plugins so i save precious time installing them one by one. Thanks!
22 Januari 2019
Hey, amazing plugin! Congratulations. One minor but sometimes annoying thing is that is difficult to find from the Install new plugin page in the WordPress panel. Often I forget that is WPCore and I search wp-core, wp core, wpcore, Wp core and alike and I can't find it until I Google it and get it right. Thanks for the plugin.
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Kontributor & Pengembang

“WPCore Plugin Manager” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


  • Removed calls to screen_icon


  • Added WP-CLI support!


  • Update textdomain so you see notices


  • Update textdomain so you see notices


  • Update to TGM plugin Activation version 2.6.1


  • Add ability to export all plugins in addition to active plugins


  • Update to version 2.5.2 of


  • Remove wpcore_keys from options table upon plugin uninstall / delete


  • Minor fix to ensure only users with the ‘install_plugins’ capability can see it


  • Updated the TGM activation class to 2.4.2


  • Fix for error on php 5.3 and below


  • Merged pull request from cfoellmann/fixes and updated some urls for https


  • Fixed conflict when other plugins or themes use the TGM activation plugin. The install plugins button always works now.


  • Export active plugins to a collection.


  • Tested on WordPress 3.9.2. Works!
  • Added some more input sanity(ization)


  • Switched to ssl. Changed timeout.


  • Further optimization. Now only 1 API call is made for all your collections. Dramatic speed increase in when saving collection keys.


  • Increased cache timeout. Click clear cache button in settings to fetch latest collection info
  • Tested with Multisite


  • Fixed issue where in some cases users were getting Cannot redeclare wpcore_set_false()


  • Completely restructured the plugin to use the WordPress transient cache
  • Will only make external calls to WPCore API when you save and edit your collection keys
  • Major speed improvement


  • Reenabled the admin nag dismiss button.


  • Updated Plugin name to alleviate some confusion between this plugin and the WordPress Core.


  • Fixed bug that caused all the assets on the SVN to go missing. All good now.


  • Updated readme again (sorry)


  • Updated readme again (sorry)


  • Updated readme


  • Complete refactor. Adherence to all coding standards. More Object oriented.


  • Using wp_remote_get and wp_remote_retrieve_body to grab stuff from


  • Organized the menu. Put it near plugins cause that just makes sense.


  • Fixed warning for undefined variable


  • This is the first usable build
  • Add and edit multiple keys
  • Install tons of plugins all at once


  • Hopefully fixed the changelog


  • Nothing here either


  • Not too much in this one


  • First one