WordPress Importer


WordPress Importer akan mengimpor konten berikut dari sebuah export file WordPress:

  • Pos, laman, dan tipe pos kustom lainnya
  • Comments and comment meta
  • Bidang kustom dan meta pos
  • Categories, tags and terms from custom taxonomies and term meta
  • Pengembang

For further information and instructions please see the documention on Importing Content.


Importer memiliki sejumlah filter yang memmapukan Anda mengaktifkan/memblokir fitur tertentu:

  • import_allow_create_users: menghasilkan false jika Anda hanya mengizinkan pemetaan ke pengguna yang telah ada
  • import_allow_fetch_attachments: menghasilkan false jika Anda tidak ingin mengizinkan impor dan pengunduhan lampiran
  • import_attachment_size_limit: menghasilkan integer value dari ukuran file maksimum dalam bytes yang bisa disimpan (nilai default = 0, yakni tak terbatas)

Juga tersedia beberapa tindakan yang bisa disertakan:

  • import_start: berjalan sesudah export file telah diunggah dan pengaturan impor penulis telah dipilih
  • import_end: dijalankan sesudah output terakhir dari importer


Metode paling cepat untuk menginstal importer adalah:

  1. Buka Perkakas -> Impor pada dasbor WordPress
  2. Klik menu/tautan WordPress dalam daftar importer
  3. Klik “Instal Sekarang”
  4. Lalu klik “Aktifkan Plugin & Jalankan Importer”

Jika Anda lebih suka menjalankan proses manual, ikuti instruksi berikut ini:

  1. Unggah folder wordpress-importer ke dalam direktori /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Aktifkan plugin via menu ‘Plugin’ di Dasbor WordPress
  3. Buka menu Perkakas -> Impor, klik menu WordPress

Tanya Jawab

Tolong! Saya melihat galat “out of memory” atau laman blank.

Jika file XML Anda sangat besar, script impor mungkin akan melampaui limit memori PHP server.

Pesan seperti”Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted” berarti bahwa script tidak berhasil mengimpor file XML dengan pengaturan limit memori PHP server. Jika Anda bisa mengakses file php.ini, Anda bisa mengubah limit secara manual; jika tidak (misalnya jika instalasi WordPress Anda berada dalam shared hosting), Anda mungkin harus memecah file XML tersebut menjadi beberapa bagian berukuran kecil dan mengimpornya satu demi satu.

Bagi pengguna shared hosting, sebaiknya berkonsultasi dengan provider hosting untuk menentukan pendekatan paling aman dalam menjalankan impor. Provider mungkin bersedia menaikkan limit memori untuk sementara waktu dan/atau menjalankan proses impor untuk Anda.

Support Article: Importing Content


4 November 2023
I remember the time when this plugin was partially useless, but today I managed to export all of my posts and images easily and import them to my new installation. So, there was no need for a 3rd party plugin.This is useful for cluttered databases: when you transfer all your posts and images to new installation, then your database will have nothing but posts and images. Light and fast.Bye
6 Oktober 2023 1 balasan
Good for the main use cases: restore from backup, and moving posts between blogs. Unfortunately the image import doesn't seem to work (WordPress 6.3 with plugin 0.8.1), which makes it a pain to clean up image-heavy posts. One thing I'd like to do with this that I can't is to import another copy of a cross-post and merge the comment threads. As it is, the best I can do is import the duplicate copy and then use another plugin (or dig into the database) to move the comments around.
10 Agustus 2023
Needed to copy the content of the old website to the one which is developed from scratch - and it worked!
21 Juli 2023 1 balasan
I've used this just a few times in the past 18 months. And one time it was an incredible, urgent need as there were no server backups available from a web host (not with them anymore). Another time I made a mistake and deleted some comments. Anyway, this is only the 2nd review for this plugin within the past year or so. And I see a lot of negative scored posts. After reading them, I noticed a number of the 1-star reviews seemed to be user error. I've been in IT Management, development, and consulting for 4 decades. I use very little custom coding on my sites because, in my past experience, there are far less issues during updates and upgrades. So, with that said, I have also noticed there are a lot of optional settings to decide when using this tool. And many are preselected that I unselect. I recommend taking your time when using this tool and defining your own settings every time you use it. I use about 20 plugins and there's no interference with any of them. But, I am careful about which plugins I retain. Also, I use this plugin just create backups or to perform restores from them. Then, I uninstall it until I need it again. For example, I'm here today because I'm getting ready to use it again as I'm about to make some major category changes. It will be very handy to use this tool to perform backups (and any needed restores) instead of using a site restore that will reset recent work on posts or pages. I use this as an additional backup and as an archive for all my sites. It's always saved me when I needed it and I've found it to be reliable and solid. It's been absolutely perfect for me when performing work on tags and categories so I don't have to use a site restore.
13 Februari 2023
I love this plugin. Super easy to use and works as expected for a "free" plugin. Not sure why there are so many bad reviews as this plugin is super helpful.My guess/assumption on the bad reviews is that people are having issues with their webhost and that is reflected in their experience/reviews with this plugin???
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Kontributor & Pengembang

“WordPress Importer” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


“WordPress Importer” telah diterjemahkan dalam 59 bahasa. Terima kasih kepada para penerjemah untuk kontribusi-nya.

Terjemahkan “WordPress Importer” dalam bahasa Anda.

Tertarik mengembangkan?

Lihat kode, periksa repositori SVN , atau mendaftar ke log pengembangan melalui RSS.

Log Perubahan


  • Update compatibility tested-up-to to WordPress 6.4.2.
  • Update doc URL references.
  • Adjust workflow triggers.


  • Update compatibility tested-up-to to WordPress 6.2.
  • Update paths to build status badges.


  • Update minimum WordPress requirement to 5.2.
  • Update minimum PHP requirement to 5.6.
  • Update compatibility tested-up-to to WordPress 6.1.
  • PHP 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 compatibility fixes.
  • Fix a bug causing blank lines in content to be ignored when using the Regex Parser.
  • Fix a bug resulting in a PHP fatal error when IMPORT_DEBUG is enabled and a category creation error occurs.
  • Improved Unit testing & automated testing.


  • Update minimum WordPress requirement to 3.7 and ensure compatibility with PHP 7.4.
  • Fix bug that caused not importing term meta.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported meta data.
  • Fix bug that prevented import of serialized meta data.
  • Fix file size check after download of remote files with HTTP compression enabled.
  • Improve accessibility of form fields by adding missing labels.
  • Improve imports for remote file URLs without name and/or extension.
  • Add support for wp:base_blog_url field to allow importing multiple files with WP-CLI.
  • Add support for term meta parsing when using the regular expressions or XML parser.
  • Developers: All PHP classes have been moved into their own files.
  • Developers: Allow to change IMPORT_DEBUG via wp-config.php and change default value to the value of WP_DEBUG.


  • Improve PHP7 compatibility.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported comments.
  • Fix for various deprecation notices including wp_get_http() and screen_icon().
  • Fix for importing export files with multiline term meta data.


  • Add support for import term metadata.
  • Fix bug that caused slashes to be stripped from imported content.
  • Fix bug that caused characters to be stripped inside of CDATA in some cases.
  • Fix PHP notices.



  • Dukungan untuk WXR 1.2 dan multiple CDATA sections
  • Pos bukanlah duplikat jika post_type-nya berbeda


  • Double check that the uploaded export file exists before processing it. This prevents incorrect error messages when
    an export file is uploaded to a server with bad permissions and WordPress 3.3 or 3.3.1 is being used.


  • Impor meta komentar (hanya untuk export file dari versi WordPress 3.2 ke atas)
  • Perbaikan bug minor dan beberapa pengembangan


  • Petakan user_id komentar jka mungkin
  • Impor lampiran dari wp:attachment_url
  • Unggah lampiran ke direktori yang benar
  • Petakan ulang URL gambar dengan benar


  • Gunakan XML Parser jika mungkin
  • Dukungan impor untuk menu navigasi
  • … dan lebih banyak lagi, lihat Trac ticket #15197


  • Rilis pertama