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WooCommerce MWS Sync


This plugin automatically syncronises the inventory between a WooCommerce instance and an Amazon seller account using the MWS API.

Product inventories are syncronised based purely on their SKU values.

Adding inventory from the Amazon store is not currently supported, please refill shop inventory via your WooCommerce shop instead.

API documentation:

MWS Scratchpad:

Plugin maintained at
Pull requests welcomed!


  1. Download and activate the plugin.

  2. Set up your MWS credentials in your wp-config.php file.
    // AWS API Key
    define('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', 'XXXXXXXX');
    // Our Merchant ID
    define('MERCHANT_ID', 'XXXXXXXX');
    // We want the US API
    define('SERVICE_URL', '');

  3. Prepare your products on Amazon Seller Central

Make sure the products to be synced have an initial inventory value of 0 at Amazon.

Make sure the products you want to sync have the exact same SKU values in
WooCommerce and the Amazon Seller Central. Also, make sure SKU names don’t
clash for any products you don’t want to syncronise vai this plugin.

  1. Installation done! The first sync should happen within the first 30
    minutes, as MWS generates the first inventory report.

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