Super Payments – WooCommerce Payment Gateway


Super Payments is the world’s first payment provider to offer WooCommerce businesses fee-free payments & customer refunds. No catches, no hidden charges.

You can also opt in for Cash Rewards, a proportion of the sale price you’re willing to offer as money off a customer’s next purchase, to drive:

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Higher retention and frequency
  • Higher average order value
  • Higher lifetime value

You only fund the Cash Reward if your customer returns to you and buys again.

Super Payments wants businesses and shoppers to keep more of their money. We’re making it possible by eliminating the high fees on the internet charged by payments companies so that merchants can pass on these extra savings to their customers.

The Super Payments Gateway extension for WooCommerce allows you to take free instant payments from your customers directly to your merchant bank account.

  • Payments and instant refunds are free forever.
  • Super Payments uses Open Banking account-to-account payments, diversifying the payment options for your customers at checkout.
  • Open Banking account-to-account payments significantly reduces friction and cart abandonment, thereby increasing revenue for your business.
  • A simple and painless 3 click payment process, supporting both mobile & desktop.
  • Customers make payments using their own mobile banking authentication. This reduces card fraud and chargebacks by up to 99%, further reducing your operational costs by up to 1.0% per transaction.
  • Super Payments provide instant settlements to improve your cash flow.
  • Super Payments provide free instant full or partial refunds for an exceptional customer experience.


  • The payment customer journey consists of three simple steps:
    • Choose to pay with Super at checkout.
    • Selects a bank account from a list of banks.
    • Confirms payment using the customers secure banking app.
  • Money is instantly transferred directly from the customer bank account to your merchant bank account, thereby providing instant settlement.
  • Similarly free instant full or partial refunds are supported using Faster Payments from your merchant account back to customers.
  • 100% coverage of UK banks

Account and Pricing

To use this extension you’ll need to create a separate account on Super Payments here before you can add Super to your checkout and take payments from your customers.

The Super Payments extension is free forever.


  • There is no requirement for tokenisation or PCI Compliance as Super Payments use account-to-account payments.
  • Your customers shop as normal in your WooCommerce store.
  • The request to process the payment is redirected to Super Payments secure site to process.
  • Super Payments use Open Banking to process the payment. This uses the customer banking app authentication for increased security, and less fraud.
  • No customer payment data is ever entered or stored on the WooCommerce server.


  • Free payments = No fees, lower cart abandonment and more sales. Simpler, faster checkout experience.
  • Open Banking Account to Account Payments = Lower cart abandonment and more sales. Bank payment with no card required.
  • Cash Rewards = Higher average order value. More repeat purchases and returning customers. Merchant savings passed on so customers pay less.
  • Free instant full or partial refunds = Higher customer satisfaction. Higher AOV. More repeat purchases and returning customers. Lower operational costs. Cash refunded instantly. Exceptional experience.
  • Instant Settlements = Improved cash flow. Lower operational costs. Merchant savings passed on to customers.
  • Reduced Fraud & Chargebacks = Less fraud and losses. Increased profit. Lower operational costs. Less card fraud.


The full step-by-step details of how to sign up and integrate can be found here.

There are a number of configuration options available via the plugin settings page. Some of the settings enabled by default include a selection of on-site messaging components designed to increase conversion and the selection of Super as the default payment method. All of the plugin options can be enabled or disabled via the settings page.


16 Januari 2024
Very bad experience, I was offered their service to accept payments in my woocommerce store by Georgia Fabien , I was given instructions what to do and followed each step , registered business because she told it’s required to use superpayments , I emailed her that all done , I can see she read my email as I have notification that email was opened but no reply at all from her , why to offer your service if you don’t event communicate just ignore after all steps was done from my side. AVOID !!!!!!!!
4 September 2023 1 balasan
The plugin silently makes itself the default payment method on installation or upgrade – something which should be solely at the discretion of the website owner. You have to go into the plugin options each time and switch this setting off.Also, the plugin author does not provide a changelog – even PayPal provide a changelog FGS!
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