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30 Januari 2023
I tried to add related posts on my site and successfully made it. But then I check all pages of my site and related posts are showing at the top and bottom of each page.
5 Maret 2020
I put the widget of this plugin only on the blog page, but it appeared on all pages interfering with the result unexpectedly.
7 Februari 2019 1 balasan
Simple, good looking but not flexible plugin. Especially for 2 and more post categories. But the main!!! > not correct pots counting! Only the post published, in a day - 1000, 3000 views! What is this? I have modest site with 100 people a day. Where 3000 a day from? ) I had to check up and install 2 more counters ( google and pageviews) - they count correct and equal each other. Ok - had to correct 40 records in DB for Relevant. I see today - again 318 views... You should correct that immediately, because without counting - it is... not a plugin.
9 Januari 2019 1 balasan
With every page update, the number of first posts will be doubled And also when "Display posts from the current category only" Marked, only one item from that category
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