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Proofread Bot


Why Proofread Bot?

Good grammar and style gets more customers in business and better grades at school, and now you can get automated help for perfecting your writing with just one click with Proofread Bot. This tool utilizes cutting edge natural language processing to identify difficult grammatical and stylistic issues, and it also checks your content in Bing for online plagiarism. Take a look at

How to use it?

When you are on the “Add New” or “Edit Post” screens you will have a box with a Proofread Bot button, and clicking it will pass your content to Proofread Bot for analysis. In a few seconds you will receive a detailed report with all the issues found, for a visual overview take a look at the screenshots.

Make Money

You can participate in the Proofread Bot affiliate program through Clickbank if you are interested in earning a side income by promoting the tool. By enabling Proofread Bot buttons under your posts, you inform your visitor that you take grammar, style and plagiarism seriously. In addition, if a visitor clicks through to and purchases a package you earn 50% of every sale.

FREE Proofreading

You have one free proofreading up to 600 words per day. If you need more please buy a package (1 check costs 1 cent!).

Ideas Welcome

Suggestions and ideas are welcome, please post them in the forum here or at

Tangkapan Layar

  • Proofread Bot integrated with the default Wordpress WYSIWYG editor, TinyMCE
  • Compact overview of results
  • Admin setting
  • Proofread Bot button under posts on Post Edit pages
  • Show the Proofread Bot button on your posts, so your visitors see you care about grammar and style


  1. Upload the proofread_bot directory (including all files within) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


3 September 2016
I think this usefully plugin features, unfortunately author don't update the plugin..
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Log Perubahan


WP 3.9 & TinyMCE 4 compatibility


500 error bug fix


CSRF issue fix


fixing too large explain window, and validation errors are now in a dialog instead of tinymce windowmanager


New “explain”, switching to rules matchin, plus minor bug fixes


500 error bug fix


Added node language to proofread bot class


Javascript regex bug fixes that sabotaged wysiwyg results


Preparing for internationalization, multilingual Proofread Bot


Added a proxy.php fix for corrupted / broken encoding


Removed htmlentities function call when passing text to server


Fixing Ajax XML whitespace bug


Small Chrome js bug fix


Fixing IE9 js incompatibility


Fixing utf8 encoding bug with php file that causes sites to break. (Had to change php file encodings to ANSI)


Major upgrade, now integrated with the WordPress visual text editor giving you a Microsoft Word like editing


** Bug fix
TinyMCE Advanced post detection added


** Initial Release