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Pricing Table – Drag & Drop


awesome pricing table by easy admin panel to drag and drop row column and delete any row or columns and update.
use via shortcode anywhere with some aswesome pricing table themes.

Price Table by

Plugin Features

  • Use Via Short-codes.
  • Unlimited row columns.
  • Drag & Drop row, columns.
  • Add new row, column.
  • Any Google Fonts.
  • Coulmn Custom Width.
  • 19 Ready Coulmn Ribbons.
  • Coulmn Video or Images(Youtube & vimeo).
  • Background image for table area.
  • Different Themes.
  • 12 Ready Background Color Pack.
  • 7 Ready Text Color Pack.
  • Custom Price Duration Text.

Video Tutorial(With Pro features)

Premium Features

  • Life time free update.
  • Life time support via forum.
  • 7 Days Refund.
  • Ready Themes(Coming soon).
  • Custom column background Color Pack(header, price, signup).
  • Custom column text color pack(header, price, signup).
  • Custom column text font size (header, price, signup).
  • Multiple featured columns.
  • Column custom width.
  • Column custom margin.
  • Custom Google font.
  • Tool-Tip 7 ready themes.
  • Different tool-tip position.
  • Different tool-tip arrow positions.
  • 16 ready column hover effects.

Tangkapan Layar

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  • screenshot-1
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  • screenshot-1


  1. Install as regular WordPress plugin.
  2. Go your plugin setting via WordPress Dashboard and find “Price Table” activate it.

After activate plugin you will see “Price Table” menu at left side on WordPress dashboard click “New Price Table” and use the options field “Price Table Options”

How to use on page or post
When Price Table options setup done please publish Price Table

and then copy shortcode from top of Price Table Options [price_table id="1234"]

then paste this shortcode anywhere in your page to display Price Table


11 Juni 2018
I am pretty sure that I am going to use it. Good thing: you can style the classes in your own css to fit your needs
3 September 2016
Why don't you say that free version come with just 2 columns.
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Log Perubahan


* 01/05/2016 - update - minor CSS fix.


* 18/01/2016 - update - admin UI update.
* 18/01/2016 - fix - shortcode issue fixed. 


* 09/06/2015 - fix - fixed issue for empty data.


* 08/03/2015 remove / from price duration.
* 08/03/2015 fix - minor php issue.


* 06/01/2015 Initial release.