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Pageviews is a simple and lightweight views counter for your WordPress posts and pages. It is based on JavaScript and is compatible with all caching plugins, proxies and complex setups. Pageviews works with a hosted processing service, and performs extremely well under high-traffic and on sites with large amounts of content.

Jangan memulai dari awal! Import angka yang sudah ada dari Google Analytics dan layanan lainnya dengan Pageviews Sync.


  • Display the number of times a post or page has been viewed
  • Works on high-traffic websites with zero impact on performance
  • Includes useful hooks and APIs for seamless integration into third-party themes
  • Compatible with caching plugins, proxies and application firewalls

Informasi lebih lanjut pada

If you need any setup assistance or help migrating your existing views counts from other plugins or services please reach out to us via e-mail, or open a new thread in the support forums. For best performance Pageviews uses an external service to collect and process numbers. Visit our terms of service and privacy policy for more details.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Customized implementation of the pageviews output, styled specifically for this theme
  • Simple replacement for WP-PostViews and other popular plugins with inherited styles
  • Default output of the views counter for themes that don’t provide explicit support for this plugin


Menginstal melalui dasbor WordPress:

  1. Browse to Plugins – Add New in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Search for “pageviews” using the search box on the right.
  3. Find the Pageviews plugin in the search results and click Install Now.

Menginstal melalui FTP

  1. Unggah berkas plugin ke direktori /wp-content/plugins/pageviews, atau instal plugin langsung dari layar plugin WordPress.
  2. Aktivasi plugin melalui layar “Plugins” di WordPress.
  3. Nikmati.

Menginstal melalui WP-CLI:

wp plugin install pageviews --activate

Menginstal melalui Git:

cd wp-content/plugins
git clone

For an installation and configuration guide please visit the full documentation on GitHub.


5 Oktober 2020 2 balasan
Hi, This is the best Javascript-based page view counts for my website because it works with other major CACHE plugins such as WP Fastest Cache, SuperCache, etc. without more custom codes. My only drawbacks of this plugin are: 1. It is dependent on a third party website to count page views which may cause poor website performance. 2. There is no guide on how to reset those page view counts to Zero every month, 6 months or year, etc. However, I still give 5 STARs to this plugin despite the above drawbacks.
29 Maret 2018 1 balasan
Installed this locally to test before utilizing on a client site and experienced no problems whatsoever in either environment. I’m using it in a custom theme template and the integration couldn’t have been simpler. Thank you for this fantastic plugin. I’ve also used it on a CPT with no issues as can be seen here. Here is how I’m using it on the blog.
13 Juli 2017
Excelente. Mais simples seria difícil. Faz o que se propõe sem configurações. Apresenta as leituras de cada artigo de forma discreta e permite ir ao Google Analytics buscar a contagem total. Excellent. Simpler would be difficult. It does what it proposes without setings. Displays discreetly the views for each post and allows the user to fetch all the views stored on Google Analytics.
7 Juni 2017 2 balasan
But you can stop this if you delete the last lines (just between <body> and </body> of auth.php Additionally it has no other settings-options, which is why I better go with Last but not least it really does what it should, therefore at least 3 stars. Cheers and keep on improving it.
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Log Perubahan


  • Added pageviews_script_version_param filter to remove JS version fragment
  • Added minification. Enjoy your pagespeeds.


  • Added i18n
  • Russian translation
  • Added config.output_filter JavaScript filter for developers to filter the output number
  • A couple of typos


  • Tambah kompatibiltas untuk Pageviews Sync
  • Metode penanganan yang lebih baik


  • Add support for multiple containers per page for a single key
  • Add support for Jetpack’s Infinite Scroll module
  • Wrap the JS code into a triggerable event


  • Initial public release