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Linkylinkerton adds a column to the table view of all post types that displays slug links that will work for this specific post including ID link and any old slugs.
Why? I ran into situations where I posted stuff and submitted it to facebook and during submission found an error. Once the error was corrected on FB I found they had cached the URL so I needed to provide a new one to update.
You can probably think of better ways to use this though.

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  • Here's a Screenshot of how LinkyLinkerton adds a new column to your posts view. If you create multiple titles you will have multiple links listed.


Standard installation instructions. Y’know…use the repository.

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Installation Instructions

Standard installation instructions. Y’know…use the repository.


3 September 2016
I wrote this...and I find it useful. It seems that many places cache URL content (oembeddy stuff) (well...facebook does). And when I post to FB I always find an error in the excerpt they use But...when I fix it and reuse the URL, FB wants to use the previous excerpt that it cached. How to fix? how about just giving facebook an alternative slug...because I probably played with 4 titles first anyway...and even if I didn't I can use the post ID. If you do something actually useful with this...I'd be curious to hear about it.
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  • made links bulleted because they were hard to see.


  • fixed permalink variable name so current permalink displayed href is correct


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