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IndexNow Plugin for WordPress enables automated submission of URLs from WordPress sites to the multiple search engines without the need to register and verify your site with them. Once installed, the plugin will automatically generate and host the API key on your site. It detects page creation/update/ deletion in WordPress and automatically submits the URLs in the background. This ensures that search engines will always have the latest updates about your site. This plugin submits URLs to a generic end point ‘’ and these URLs are shared to all participating search engines.

Beberapa fitur berguna lainnya disertakan dalam plugin:

  • Alihkan fitur pengiriman otomatis.
  • Kirimkan URL secara manual ke IndexNow.
  • Lihat daftar pengiriman URL terbaru dari plugin.
  • Coba lagi pengiriman yang gagal dari daftar pengiriman terbaru.
  • Unduh kiriman URL terbaru untuk analisis.
  • Status pengiriman yang berhasil dan gagal baru-baru ini

Anda dapat menjelajahi kode di repositori GitHub.

Plugin ini dikembangkan dengan cinta dan kopi oleh tim Bing Webmaster.


Anda hanya perlu menginstal plugin dan mengatur pengiriman otomatis halaman baru di situs WordPress Anda. Sesederhana itu!

  • Masuk ke panel administrator WordPress untuk situs WordPress Anda. Klik ‘Plugin > Tambah baru’.
  • Cari ‘Plugin IndexNow’ dan instal.
  • Setelah terinstal, klik ‘Aktifkan’ untuk mengaktifkan plugin.
  • Buka halaman admin IndexNow di bawah ‘Pengaturan > IndexNow’ dan klik ‘Ayo Mulai!’.

Tanya Jawab

Bagaimana saya bisa mengubah kunci API?

Untuk membuat kunci API baru, mohon nonaktifkan dan aktifkan kembali plugin. Ini akan secara otomatis menghasilkan kunci dan host baru di situs Anda. Kunci API unik untuk situs web dan karenanya tidak boleh terlalu sering diubah sebagai praktik terbaik.

Bagaimana saya dapat menghapus data yang tersimpan di database WordPress saya?

Anda dapat pergi ke halaman ‘Plugin’ dari sidebar WordPress Anda dan klik Nonaktifkan di bawah plugin IndexNow. Ini akan menghapus integrasi kunci API serta data yang disimpan secara lokal tentang URL yang dikirimkan. Mengaktifkan kembali plugin akan memberi Anda catatan yang bersih.

Saya tidak dapat melihat semua URL yang dikirimkan di dasbor saya? Di mana saya dapat melihat semua kiriman saya yang dibuat melalui plugin IndexNow?

Kami menyediakan sejumlah URL terbatas yang dikirimkan di dasbor WordPress (20 berhasil dan 20 gagal). Mohon hubungi masing-masing mesin pencari untuk detail selengkapnya.

Saya tidak dapat melihat URL di mesin pencari yang diindeks?

Pengindeksan URL bersifat spesifik dan bergantung pada aturan setiap mesin pencari, mohon hubungi masing-masing mesin pencari untuk debugging dan resolusi.


16 April 2022
Since I installed IndexNow, my blog disappeared from Bing and DuckDuckGo index. I got zero click and zero impression on Bing Webmaster Tool for days now. I checked on both of Bing and DDG … zero result. Even Bingbot still actively crawling my blog every second. Y’all should think twice before trying this horrible plugin.
5 Maret 2022
Hi, This plugins comes with no settings tab at all (exept enable or disable auto-submission). Meaning you can't prevent certain pages to be indexed, leaving you the choice between all manual or EVERYTHING on auto-submission. I work with wordpress and elementor. At first, I thought auto-submission was great. But as I checked this morning, I saw that the plugin had sent URLs like: mydomain/?elementor_library=footer (because I edited my footer) mydomain/?elementor_library=kit-par-defaut (I don't even know) Those are completely back end URLs and have nothing to do in Bing's index. Same for my contact page, wich I just created. I've set Yoast to "no index", but it was sent automatically. I wich we could exclude categories,or choose to include "post" type only, or at least that there was an option to cancel or delete submission within the plugin. Anyway. I have to switch back to manual. If only all updated or created pages could appear in a list so that we could just hit "send" or "dismiss". But it's not the case, so I have to copy and paste each URL, just like I used to do in the Bing webmaster Tool interface. Even worst, because you can't bulk submit. In conclusion, the only thing this plugins brings to me right now, is the ability to submit URLS via my admin area rather than in an other tab. Not really saving me any time since when the big webmaster tools is opened, you can submit 100 URL's at once. I don't think I'll keep using this plugin...
25 Februari 2022
This plugin works and is super simple. No issues to report. I see pages get submitted and indexed quickly automatically after creation or editing and you can download the status history.
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