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Gravity Slider Fields


Gravity Forms does not yet support slider fields. Until that time, this plugin may serve the purpose well.

The plugin adds a new slider field within the advanced field group. Customize your slider with the following set of options.

Supported Options

Native to Gravity Forms

  • field label
  • description
  • number format
  • range
  • handle connects
  • field label visibility
  • description placement
  • custom css class
  • field size
  • admin field label
  • default value
  • visibility
  • allow field to be populated dynamically
  • enable conditional logic


  • value relations (descriptive terms that relate to min & max number values of slider)
  • step (precision of values that can selected along the slider)
  • show value (select whether to hide, show on hover & drag, or always shows the currently selected value)
  • connect (visually connect the handle to the upper or lower edge of the slider)

If value relations have been defined, they will be displayed along with the field label in form entry details and when using merge tags.


In order to play nice with touch devices, Gravity Slider Fields utilizes noUiSlider (developed by LΓ©on Gersen)

Tangkapan Layar

  • Rendered sliders
  • Slider field selection
  • Custom slider options


  1. Upload the gravity-slider-fields directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Tanya Jawab

Does this plugin rely on anything?

Yes. You must install Gravity Forms for this plugin to work.


7 Desember 2021
This has been a timely solution to be able to capture user data through a slider field. Almost all options are customizable, although I had to edit the css file in order to change the fill color of the field. Update:december 2021: This plugin worked fine until Wordpress stopped supporting old versions of jquery. From then on, I am experiencing problems with the plugins. This plugin was apparently abandoned by its author. Too bad, since it was great!
30 Oktober 2020
This looks and appears nicely on Gravity Forms. However, I have calculated fields and it’s only taking the default value I’ve set and not the updated value. My confirmation message repeats the slider value… and it’s not the actual slider value it’s the default.
20 Desember 2019 1 balasan
Does what it says it should. A bit confusing to use at first but once you get over the learning curb it’s great. More Docs would be awesome!
Baca semua 14 ulasan

Kontributor & Pengembang

“Gravity Slider Fields” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


πŸ› FIX: Maybe fix acceptance of default value
πŸ› FIX: Default input not being hidden properly


πŸ“¦ NEW: Use sliders in conditional logic
✨ IMPROVE: Performance when triggering change
✨ IMPROVE: Disable delayed admin notice
✨ IMPROVE: Use emoji-log for changelog


πŸ› FIX: Properly handle connect option for existing slider fields


πŸ“¦ NEW: Allow connecting handle to lower or upper edge


✨ IMPROVE: Remove call to deprecated GF_Field::get_conditional_logic_event


✨ IMPROVE: Update noUiSlider to 13.1.4
πŸ“¦ NEW: Add calculation merge tags
πŸ› FIX: Hover-drag issue
πŸ› FIX: Tab focus issue
πŸ› FIX: error: Slider was already initialized


✨ IMPROVE: Delay the notice


πŸ› FIX: Better fix


πŸ› FIX: jQuery error in loading noUiSlider
πŸ“¦ NEW: Add delayed & dismissible admin notice


πŸ“¦ NEW: The slider merge tag can now be used in calculations


✨ IMPROVE: Rewrite codebase to use GFAddOn


✨ IMPROVE: Play nicer with Gravity Forms
✨ IMPROVE: Update noUiSlider version


πŸ“¦ NEW: Add rendering of field in form editor


πŸ“¦ NEW: Add class existence check for GF_Fields


πŸ“– DOC: Add cautionary note in the readme.


πŸ› FIX: Slider failure in certain instance


πŸš€ RELEASE: Initial