This plugin has been closed as of 27 November 2019 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


23 September 2019
simple to use, easy to install, great customer service
14 September 2019
I installed this plugin because the one that I was using hadn't been updated for six months. What a letdown to say the least. The moment that it was installed, the spam started flying in, with some even poking fun at the ease with which they could enter comment. I then discovered that the previous plugin I had been using had been updated, so I got rid of this one and the spam stopped dead in its tracks. I would have rated this plugin at zero had that option been available.
27 Agustus 2019
Says that some features are free, but you realize they are not after activating the plugin. Not the first time I have unfair practices with that developper. 🙁
21 Agustus 2019
Can you index it in WordPress plugins for both reCAPTCHA as well as Google. If I type in Google, this reCAPTCHA does not come up. I have to type reCAPTCHA to locate it. THanks.
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