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Turn any WordPress theme into a lightning-fast global business directory. Now 100% compatible with Gutenberg and also the most popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin Page Builder and more! Includes extensive new set of shortcodes, Gutenberg Blocks and Widgets.

Skala mudah – go global

Jutaan listing? Lalu lintas besar? GeoDirectory adalah satu-satunya plugin direktori WordPress yang mampu mengukur tingkat ini, berkat struktur dan queries database yang sangat optimal. Tidak perlu jadi yang kedua: jika Anda membutuhkan skala, GeoDirectory mendukung Anda.

Ringan, efisien, fleksibel

Kami mengembangkan GeoDirectory menggunakan standar WordPress dan praktik terbaik untuk memberi Anda kinerja secepat roket, antarmuka pengguna yang intuitif dan opsi back-end yang apik.


GeoDirectory was built to work with any theme and the most popular page builders. If you need extra help getting your theme to work smoothly with GeoDirectory, just hit us up for support in our forum – we’ll be right on it.

Ramah pengembang

Pengembang WordPress dapat memperluas GeoDirectory secara tak terbatas, menggunakan kait (actions dan filter). Mudah membangun tema kustom di sekitar GeoDirectory.

Fokus tim

Kami sepenuhnya berfokus pada alat direktori untuk WordPress sejak 2011. Begitulah cara kami membuat GeoDirectory plugin direktori paling dinamis dan terukur di pasar WordPress, dengan dukungan khusus yang mengagumkan. Coba kami!


  • Buat direktori lokal, berdasarkan satu lokasi, dengan menggunakan plugin inti gratis GeoDirectory. Fokus di satu jalan atau selebar kota. Perluas ke beberapa lokasi atau buat direktori global dengan add-on premium MultiLocation kami.
  • Ini menyediakan bentuk front end yang memungkinkan Anda mengedit melalui pembuat formlir drag and drop, yang memungkinkan pengunjung untuk mengirimkan daftar mereka secara mandiri.
  • Quickly create a front-end submission form, using GeoDirectory’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Users submit listings autonomously. Add any custom field; choose from 40 field types. Use the Advanced Search premium add-on to filter search by any custom field.
  • 40+ widgets/shortcodes/blocks.
  • A flexible Google Maps widget. Create unlimited categories with ajax-loading custom markers
  • Built-in forms for User Reviews
  • Business Enquiry through Ninja Forms integration.
  • Telusuri dengan kode pos atau nama lokasi menggunakan widget pencarian default. Mudah menyaring listing menurut kedekatan, penilaian, ulasan atau tanggal. Telusuri berdasarkan lokasi pengguna dengan menggunakan add-on Premium Penelusuran Lanjutan.
  • Cantumkan jutaan bisnis, berkat struktur database kami yang optimal.
  • Compatible with virtually any theme, Gutenberg and the most popular page builders.
  • Multilingual site? GeoDirectory is 100% WPML compatible.
  • GeoDirectory sepenuhnya kompatibel dengan WordPress Multisite.
  • CSV import, export, re-import fror listings, categories and reviews. Easily transfer millions of listings across instances. Edit data offline: live listings automagically update on re-import – heavily improved in V2.
  • Improved Google Analytics widget for listings owners.
  • Titles and metas settings page for better SEO optimization.
  • NEW – Extended Business Hours for listings
  • NEW – Tab builder, to design the tabs of your listings as you wish by drag and drop
  • NEW – Badge System, for “featured” listings, “new” listings, or to add whatever badge you want to your listings from any custom field.
  • NEW – Rating Styles using Font Awesome icons.
  • NEW – Custom Email Templates
  • NEW – Guest Add Listing
  • NEW – Improved SEO permalinks settings.

Free Addons

Addons Premium

Premium Addons disediakan untuk memperluas GeoDirectory dan membuatnya menjadi alat pembuatan direktori global yang menghasilkan uang.

  • Location Manager – Create a global directory with Countries, Regions, Cities and Neighbourhoods.
  • Pricing Manager – Set prices for your listings. Enable/disable features per price. It uses our free Invoicing Plugin to manage payments, taxes and invoices.
  • Custom Post Types – Adds any custom post type as well as the default “Places”, also create Custom post Types with locationless ability.
  • Events – Adds professional events directory capability. All kind of recurring events options available. If CPT add-ons installed, create as many events post types as needed.
  • MultiRatings and Reviews – Extend the review system allowing multiple rating categories (eg: service, quality, price), add images to reviews and other cool features.
  • Advance search filters – Turns any custom field into an advance filter of the search widget. Adds smart autocompleters, geolocation and much more.
  • Buddypress Integration – Smoothly integrates GeoDirectory with Buddypress.
  • Claim Listing Manger – Allow business owners to fine-tune their listings, add images, link to events and show an ‘owner-verified’ badge on the listing. Now with force upgrade/paid option.
  • Marker Cluster – Avoid cluttered maps by using numbered markers at high zoom levels. Now with super fast server-side clustering!
  • Duplicate alert – Alert users when they add a listing with the same title as another.
  • Custom Map Styles – Modify the look and feel of all Maps widgets via an intuitive user interface, with color pickers and simple-to-use options.
  • Social Importer – Import pages and events from Facebook and listings from Yelp and Trip Advisor. 1 listing at a time, no bulk scraping.
  • GD reCAPTCHA – Banish spam by adding the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA widget to any GeoDirectory form.
  • Franchise Manager – Allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster and smarter.
  • List Manager – Allows users to create their own personal lists of listings or events and make them public to other users.
  • WP All Import – NEW: Use the power of WP All Import to import your listings from anywhere with this add-on that integrates Wp All Import with GeoDirectory
  • Embeddable Ratings Badge – NEW: Let users embed their listing info with current ratings on their site, styled the way they want.
  • Compare Listings – NEW: Let your users compare listings side by side and compare vital info about the listings.

Go Pro – Jadilah anggota!

Get your hands on all the premium add-ons and themes. Sign up at


Dapatkan dukungan tepat waktu dan ramah untuk Plugin dan Add-on di situs web resmi kami,

Tangkapan Layar

  • Beranda GD.
  • Halaman Listing GD.
  • Halaman Detail Listing GD.
  • Halaman Pencarian GD.
  • Halaman Pendaftaran Front End GD.
  • Halaman Listing Submission Front End GD.
  • GD WordPress Halaman Admin.


Persyaratan Minimum

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • PHP version 5.6 or greater
  • MySQL versi 5.0 atau yang lebih baru

Instalasi otomatis

Instalasi otomatis adalah pilihan termudah. Untuk melakukan instalasi otomatis GeoDirectory, masuk ke dashboard WordPress Anda, navigasikan ke menu Plugins dan klik Add New.

Di bidang pencarian ketik GeoDirectory dan klik Search Plugins. Setelah Anda menemukan plugin Direcotry kami, Anda akan menginstalnya hanya dengan mengklik Install Now. Instalasi dasar GeoDirectory

Instalasi manual

Metode penginstalan manual melibatkan pengunduhan plugin Direktori kami dan mengunggahnya ke server web Anda melalui aplikasi FTP favorit Anda. Codex WordPress akan memberi tahu Anda lebih banyak di sini . Instalasi dasar GeoDirectory


Pembaruan otomatis seharus berjalan lancar. Kami selalu menyarankan agar Anda membuat cadangan situs web Anda sebelum melakukan pembaruan otomatis untuk menghindari masalah yang tak terduga.

Data dummy

GeoDirectory dilengkapi dengan beberapa data dummy yang dapat Anda gunakan untuk melihat bagaimana tampilan listing. Anda dapat menginstal data dummy dari back end GeoDirectory Anda.


FAQ GeoDirectory .


1 November 2019
Very powerful plugin indeed, with endless opportunities for future development. For prompt and bespoke support watch out for Stiofan (@stiofansisland). He is a Schwarzenegger of Code. Thank you! 😉
25 Oktober 2019
I have been using GeoDirectory for about 9 months or so now and could not be happier with how it works! I had problems setting it up initially and the support team here got me thru it and got me up and running. If your looking for a plugin that will run your directory this one is the only one I can highly recommend! Not only for the plugin but also the support is amazing. Alex and his crew have helped me every time I get stuck on something. Just to give some perspective my directory is running 3550 active listings and its growing and the plugin is handling it fine! So if you're wondering if it can run something with a lot of listings it definitely can!
11 Oktober 2019
When I thought about concept of my listing website, I tried various themes & finally settled at Supreme Directory. Then it was the tun to use a suitable Plugin - I did my research & found many plugins but chose to install GeoDirectory. It was a bit intimidating at first & I was in a hurry to get things done. So, I spoke to a couple of people in my network & they suggested to use some other plugins. And I listened to them. The next step - I uninstalled GeoDirectory & changed the theme too & installed the other suggested themes & plugins. I soon realized i made a mistake. Not that they weren't good but they probably were not meant for the things I needed in my website. With a little/brief experience I had with GeoDirectory on my first install, I decided to go back & reinstalled everything back. Now my website is up & running & it is because GeoDirectory (Fondly called as GD) has immense potential to create things you can think of & that's exactly what happened with me. While designing mu website, I wen through many changes because i was thinking to add more capability & boy, I was getting it. Everything fell into place & I am so happy with the final product. And now the most critical part - Critical,because most of the good plugins fail not due to bad design but due to a weak or no customer support. I have no qualms in proudly recommending GeoDirectory not only for its robust design & capabilities but for the unconditional support i received from Kor, Guust & Alex. These are the guys who will be of great help when you chose to work with GeoDirectory & I strongly recommend that whenever you are doing a listing website, look no further than GD. All the Best Guys & keep up the good work!
10 Oktober 2019
We moved from a Joomla plugin to WordPress - ListingPro, and decided we needed a plugin that would be performance ready. The move from Joomla to ListingPro was a breeze, the move from ListingPro to GeoDirectory has been an absolute nightmare. 1. GeoDirectory's support although they are super responsive have not resolved many of the issues we have encountered. For example, we are trying to create a very simple contact form using Listimia theme and between Listimia and Geodirectory both are saying it's not there problem. We have gone back and forth with Geodirectory and their response's are abrupt and not helpful at all. We have run into major issues with their import plugin and it still does not seem to be working. One of the BIGGEST issues with Geodirectory is if you have many categories you need to have multiple CPT's. This is their biggest FLAW. So as per their supports response "This is how a CPT works, you can have different filters per CPT." I am absolutely astounded by their response, at the end of the day its a DIRECTORY plugin is it not ! This means you need to create fields for each CPT which is insane and not practical at all. We have over 88 categories so if for example we have 20 fields we then need to create 1760 fields !! I contacted their support over a month ago and we still not received any update as to when this is going to be fixed. V2 of GeoDirectory has serious potential but it needs about 6 - 12 months of work before its a viable alternative.
12 September 2019
It all looked good to start with, claiming to be the "WooCommerce" of directories, but the big difference is that woocommerce is not set up to be so restrictive it cant be used without addons. The biggest limitation is that you are stuck to one city, so once you set the default city you can't add listings around the country without a plugin. This just isnt necessary and if it wasnt for this i think it would actually be a great plugin.
12 September 2019
Having just spent the last 8 months working part time on building a business directory with this, I gotta say this is a fantastic platform to do it on. On top of this the support has been great! Really responsive support staff who genuinely try to help you get the most out of it. There were a few customisations that I needed to make which were beyond my skill set and beyond the scope of what their support team can realistically offer. They have a directory of people who can help in situations like this (for a reasonable hourly rate) and I got on to a guy called Guust who is a total expert on all things Geodirectory. I opted for the annual membership plan for all plugins and updates - again very reasonable considering how well this can scale. I can't recommend them highly enough and looking through some of the one star reviews it looks as though the people who don't like it have unrealistic expectations or are complete cheapskates (or both).
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