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#1 User submitted posts | Frontend post submission plugin, enable visitors to submit posts from the frontend of your site with next-generation block styled editor.

Submit and update anything from Frontend
It includes frontend dashboard, frontend editor & publishing, and frontend uploader for WordPress user profile, post submissions.
Use next-generation block styled editor.

#1 Frontend Post Submission, Profile Builder & WordPress Editor Plugin
Unlimited post type form creation. The forms give users the ability to create new posts, edit their profile all from the site frontend, so that the user does not need to enter the backend admin panel to do action.

Key Futures

  • Flexibility for admins
  • Files & attachments
  • Drag-n-drop form builder
  • Custom Fields
  • Next-generation block styled editor (EditorJS)
  • MD Editor
  • WordPress Guest Post Submission
  • Publish post forms using Gutenberg
  • Use anywhere easily with shortcodes
  • Post List Shortcode

Flexibility for admins
Admins can manage users from frontend as well as configure from backend those who can access the dashboard.

Files & attachments

Users can upload attachments from the frontend. Users can also upload post featured image. Image upload on post content area

Drag-n-drop form builder

Easily fill your form with fields using drag-n-drops and real-time preview that updates as you make changes. You can see how your form will look like eventually from the dashboard!

Publish your post forms using Gutenberg

Easily add your published forms in Gutenberg editor with the Front Editor block. When users want to publish forms on a page, they can simply select it from the drop-down included in the dedicated FE block for Gutenberg. The entire form automatically renders within the editor as well as on page. It’s much easier than manually copying and pasting shortcodes! Saves you a ton of time and clicks. But you can also do it the old style using the shortcodes block.

Use anywhere easily with shortcodes

All of the forms get an unique shortcode which you can paste on any page and the form will generate without breaking the style of your theme.

WordPress Guest Post Submission

Enable guests to post from your site frontend without registering with WP Front User Submit.

Submit and update anything from Frontend

Users can upload files, fill out forms, even entry data with multiple choice menus. Allow users to update their posts from the frontend.

Next-generation block styled editor (EditorJS)

Will give the ability to add post content better with his own blocks.

Set post status, post message, update post button text

Assign separate default status for a new and edit post, the message you want to show to users after form submission, and change the text of submit buttons as you like.

Display Custom Fields Data in Post

Custom fields data are viewable to visitors on frontend on single post pages. Admins can disable this feature also.

Users Post List Shortcode

Use this shortcode [user_posts_list count=”6″]

WP Front User Submit PRO – Premium Features

  • Custom taxonomy support
  • Custom post types
  • Custom field support
  • Guest Posting
  • Gallery using WP Media Uploader
  • Image uploading via WP Media Uploader
  • Thumbnail using WP Media Uploader
  • Multiple categories selection
  • Warning
  • Table

All these features can be enabled or disabled

Boost your site value with user-generated content!

Post Management
* Set posts to any status: Pending, Publish
* One-click filtering of submitted posts on the Admin Posts page
* Edit button on every your post to make editing efficient
* Display or disable WordPress admin bar for only user or for all

Please help us to improve the plugin

For revision and issues https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-user-submit/issues
See our future plans Roadmap https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-user-submit/projects/1

Pro Version

Front Editor Pro now available here.

For more information please visit our site .


Sources for those wishing to participate in the development: https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-user-submit


  • English – default, always included
  • Russian – ru_RU

Tangkapan Layar

  • Front editor
  • Form Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Form Settings
  • Form Settings


Plugin ini menyediakan 1 blok.

  • Front Editor


Front Editor via Gutenberg block or shortcode that enables your visitors to submit posts and upload images. Just add the following shortcode to any Post, Page, or Widget:
* Gutenberg block:Front editor
* Shortcode: [bfe-front-editor]
For user post list please add shortcode on another page:
* Shortcode: [user_posts_list count=”6″] , ‘count’ param can be any number

That’s all there is to it! Your site now can accept user-generated content. Everything is super easy to customize via the Plugin Settings page.

Tanya Jawab

Can I create new posts from frontend


Can I Edit my posts from frontend


Can I delete my posts from frontend


Can I upload photo/image/video


I am having problem with uploading files

Please check if you’ve specified the max upload size on setting

Can I translate plugin

Yes! plugins are localized/ translatable by default. For translating I recommend the awesome plugin Loco Translate.

Is working with Gutenberg Block Editor ?

Works perfectly with or without Gutenberg Block Editor

How to use Shortcode with settings ?

Please check this article https://wpfronteditor.com/how-to-use-shortcode/


21 Juni 2021
It looks like there are custom fields in the description. But it says custom domains are included in the paid plan when you install it. If it wasn't for this it would have deserved 5 stars.
29 November 2020
Очень красивая визуализация в стиле минимализма. Не понял, как я могу выбрать тип постов для добавления пользователями. Например у меня сайт с листингами и я хочу, что бы пользователи могли добавлять и редактировать только посты блога, однако плагин цепляется и к листингам, которые редактируются средствами шаблона и я не знаю как это исправить.
27 November 2020
Пока тестирую, то что надо. Минимализм и при этом что надо - на месте. Не хватает списка статей для пользователя, что бы он мог после отправки что то поправить. И цены для PRO для России, очень высокие.
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Log Perubahan


  • MD Editor russian lang
  • On post edit button fixed
  • Fixed issue in plugin settings
  • Side popup bar on save or update removed


  • Refactoring
  • New post on update fixed
  • MD Editor added


  • Fixed post title field bug
  • Added hook after post created
  • Added hook after post updated
  • Fixed issue with freemius free to pro version bug


  • !Important Settings removed from Gutenberg block you will need to create a form and select it in Gutenberg block
  • Added custom post type Post Form and added all settings there
  • Added Form Builder
  • Added support for to submit custom post types (pro version)
  • Added custom field support (pro version)
  • Added guest posting
  • Added comment status selector in settings
  • Added another small settings


  • Editor translation issue solved https://wordpress.org/support/topic/%d0%bd%d0%b5%d0%b2%d0%be%d0%b7%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%b6%d0%bd%d0%be-%d0%bf%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b5%d0%b2%d0%b5%d1%81%d1%82%d0%b8/
  • Small fixes solved
  • Added Image & Gallery block (Pro version)
  • Added WP Media Uploader (Pro version)
  • Added WP Media Uploader Settings for thumbnail (Pro version)
  • Enable Subscriber role to upload files
  • Users can see only there attachments in media uploader


  • Shortcode error fixed and added all setting https://wpfronteditor.com/how-to-use-shortcode/
  • EditorJS updated


  • Hide or show empty categories https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-editor/issues/42
  • Add ability to add new tags https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-editor/issues/46
  • The select js library changed
  • Added settings to select multiple categories


  • Always show a “null” bug solved https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-editor/issues/45
  • Warning block fixed https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-editor/issues/25
  • Added editor plugins settings
  • Category selection bug fixed
  • Added “Add New” button settings https://github.com/Aharonyan/front-editor/commit/7830fc5d79d6eddee4026b440f660f6252bb2672


  • Plugin title changed
  • Images in editor duplicating: bug fixed #32
  • Pictures are not attached to the article: bug fixed #39


  • added sticky buttons when a post is very big
  • Added ‘Edit’ button position settings
  • solved Cyrillic text issue
  • Added tags support
  • Added setting to choose what status will post have when it will be added
  • the most of the settings you can find in the ‘Front Editor’ block
  • select now working with select2 and looks better
  • front editor redesigned it looks better now
  • code Refactoring


  • Post image selection added to free version
  • Category selection added to free version
  • Category fixed required parameter
  • Status selection added to free version


  • Security fixes


  • Added image validation
  • Added images sanitizing
  • Showing image errors on uploading in front editor
  • Added security check when trying to edit post or create


  • Refactoring


  • Added new logo
  • Refactoring


  • Added settings page.


  • Added post featured image selector.
  • Added category selector.
  • Added post type selector.