Custom ChatGPT for your website. Build a custom GPT, embed it on your website and let it handle customer support, lead generation, engage with your users, and more.

With this plugin, you can embed your Chatbase chatbot directly into your WordPress site.

This plugin utilizes Chatbase services to deploy a pre-trained chatbot on your website, leveraging the data you’ve uploaded to the Chatbase application. For more information on privacy, and terms of service, please refer to our dedicated sections on these topics.

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How do I initialize my chatbot?

  1. Install this plugin to your WordPress website.
  2. Copy your Chatbot ID from Chatbase chatbot settings tab.
  3. Navigate to “Chatbase Options” tab under the “Settings” menu in the sidebar of your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Paste your Chatbot ID into the designated field.
  5. Click “Save Changes”.


17 Mei 2024
Have only just tried it out for a couple of hours, but it seems very good and capable.
18 Maret 2024
I install, nothing happens, no instruction
21 Desember 2023
As an experienced developer, I’m no stranger to the challenges of integrating robust AI chatbot solutions into websites. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Chatbase, which not only revolutionized my interactions with website visitors but also seamlessly enhanced my WordPress sites’ capabilities. Here’s why I highly recommend Chatbase for developers on Intuitive Integration Chatbase offers a simple embed code or API that works perfectly with WordPress. The integration process is so smooth, it feels like Chatbase was made with WordPress developers in mind. Within minutes, I had a fully functional AI chatbot on my site. Powerful Customization Developers understand the need for customization, and Chatbase excels here. I tailored the chatbot’s behavior, appearance, and even language to fit my brand and audience. The ability to whitelabel and use custom domains is a game-changer. Developer-Friendly Features With features like auto-retrain, multiple data sources, and advanced analytics, Chatbase provides a rich set of tools that cater to a developer’s need for control and insights. Plus, the powerful AI models like GPT-3.5-turbo ensure top-notch performance. Robust Security In an era where data breaches are commonplace, Chatbase’s commitment to privacy and security gives peace of mind. The secure servers and robust encryption mean I can assure my users that their data is safe. Exceptional Support & Community The support team at Chatbase is responsive and knowledgeable, which is invaluable. Also, being part of a community of like-minded developers has provided me with a network for troubleshooting and sharing best practices. In conclusion, Chatbase isn’t just another chatbot plugin for WordPress; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers developers to create sophisticated and personalized user experiences with ease. The level of customization, security, and support offered makes it an unrivaled choice for serious developers looking to leverage AI technology on their WordPress sites.
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