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Advanced Posts Widget


Build a better post list.

The Advanced Posts Widget is an enhanced version of the default WordPress Recent Posts widget. It allows for greater customization and stying of your recent content lists.

Make your post lists stand out with this highly customizable recent post widget!


  • Build multiple lists!
  • Select which post types to display. (You can choose either all types, or a specific type.)
  • Set the number of posts to show.
  • Choose how to order your posts: publish date, alphabetically, random, etc.
  • Set the order for displaying the posts.
  • Filter by category, tag, or custom taxonomy.
  • Supports post thumbnails.
  • Set and preview custom thumbnail sizes, or choose from your site’s registered image sizes.
  • Show an excerpt of the post.
  • Set and preview the length of the excerpt.
  • Select the list format to match your site’s markup. Choose from: ol, ul, or div.
  • Select the listing format. Choose between html5 or xhtml.
  • Show post date.
  • Set and preview multiple date formats.
  • Choose the default (basic) CSS styling or roll your own.

Developer Features

This widget was built not only with end-users in mind, but also plugin developers. Almost every aspect of this widget is extensible through filters and action hooks. You can even add your own form fields to the widget form!

  • Need to remove a field from the widget form? Not a problem! Every field is passed through its own filter for easy customization.
  • Need to modify the output of the widget? Easy! The output is passed through numerous filters, allowing you to customize the post list to meet your project’s requirements.
  • For a full list of action hooks and filters, please see the plugin documentation:

For sample functions check out this small testing plugin:

Tangkapan Layar

  • Multiple widget options.
  • Thumbnail size selection.
  • Preview your thumbnail size selection.
  • Preview your excerpt size selection.
  • Auto-detect list formatting.
  • Example posts list in sidebar.


From the plugin repository:

  • Download and install using the built-in WordPress plugin installer.
  • Activate in the “Plugins” area of your admin by clicking the “Activate” link.
  • No further setup or configuration is necessary.
  • Head on over to the Widgets screen or the Customizer to start building your lists!

Tanya Jawab

Where can I find documentation?

The plugin’s official page:

Can I contribute?

Of course! Have an idea for a feature? Reach out on the plugin’s official page. Want to dive into the code? Jump right in! Feel free to submit pull requests for new ideas & enhancements!


20 Desember 2017
It is a good plugin. I’m using it to promote the last update post, so visitors know what is the recent update on the blog. But the last update of this plugin was 2 years ago.
31 Mei 2017 1 balasan
It simply has the most options to show posts in a widget. Would even be better if you can choose to show posts based on most views or popularity. I hope the publishers will keep helping us by providing updates in order to make it future wp proof.
3 September 2016 1 balasan
Thumbs up! Works very good on widgetized pages.
3 September 2016 1 balasan
I tested quite a few different Recent Posts Widgets and they all had bugs or outdated code or lack of flexibility or simple settings for their images and whatnot. This plugin does all the things you need: * Set your thumbnail size from a list of registered image sizes * Choose your category * Choose your post type * Even works with the Organize Series plugin well * Order by recency, title, or even random (my favorite) Combine this with the Display Widgets plugin and you have a powerful and flexible and intuitive sidebar that works great with your theme. Well done!
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