WP Database Backup

Create & Restore Database Backup easily on single click. Manual or automated backups (backup to…

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WP Easy Backup

A simple, one-click website backup tool that generates a database backup of your content &…

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WP Backup Manager

Backup your WordPress website in just one click. Easy backup and restore solution for all…

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DB Backup

Backup your database in easy and fast way.

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Advanced WordPress Security

The Advanced WordPress Security plugin Developed by World Web Arts to protect your wordpress website…

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Backup Database

Backup Database Plugin includes backup into Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, FTP, etc. You can simply…

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Accu Auto Backup

Accu auto backup plugin takes wordpress database backup automatically with define specific schedule. Manual or…

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WP Settings

This plugin displays useful information about wordpress environment.This will help configure the wordpress by analysing…

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