ZIOR Elementor Addon


ZIOR Elementor Addon is a custom addon that allows an ajax filter for the posts widget. Filter options include filtering by categories/taxonomies, custom post types, and archive dates.

The add-on gives developers the option to load filter results via ajax by targeting the specific posts widget on the page.


  • Custom Swiper Slider
  • Ajax Search Filter for posts widget
  • Ajax Archive/Category Filter for posts widget
  • Advanced posts widget query filters
  • ACF Dynamic tags support
  • Post type support for accordion widget

Read documentation here

Tanya Jawab

Default settings

When activated, the following widgets will be added “Posts Filter”, “ZIOR Slides”. It will also add fields “Load Result via Ajax” and “Target Query ID” options to the search form widget, and custom empty message editor into posts widget.


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Kontributor & Pengembang

“ZIOR Elementor Addon” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan


Added post type loop support for accordion


Added ACF dynamic tags ( post object, page link, etc) support


Added advanced posts widget filter queries


Removed ajax template.
Added custom “no result found” message option.
Returned widget content as JSON directly.


Stable release.
Added posts widget empty results custom message


Initial release.