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ZenCart Products Display


Having your online stores featured products or special offer products or even the new products displayed via a sidebar is a good way of extending the reach of your products. This plugin allows you to add your zen cart’s featured products, via a widget, to your sidebar(s).

Initial version, so very basic but will add other features/options as required.


Simple install.

Install as normal by either uploading the the plugin via your wordpress admin, or unzip and ftp the files to your plugins directory.

Once installed and enabled head on over to the settings menu option and select the ZenCart Featured Products Display Options.

Here you can set the database details (hostname, database name, table prefix, username and password) as well as some details for the store. (store URL and product image folder) You can also set the image width and height for the thumbnail images.

Tanya Jawab

How do I add the featured products or special products or new products to my sidebar

Go to your widgets and add the Zen Cart widget as listed to the sidebar location as required.

How do I format the display

A class of ‘zenfpd_product’ is assigned to each product displayed. Simply style this as you require.


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Log Perubahan


Minor bug fix to make the new product days field actually save and work. Thanks to Curtis_KC for spotting the bug!


Minor fix


Minor bug fixes to remove the debug information being displayed and to actually take notice of the new product days counter.


Added specials, and new products to the displayable options. Removed the shortcodes for now, as not really used in this situation.


  • Initial release