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15 Agustus 2020
I wanted a crop plugin that works well with WP Retina 2x, so I’ve installed this despite the warnings. I’ve tried it and apparently it works well with Wordpress 5.5, which is great news. Thanks guys!
24 Januari 2019
I've been trying to use Manual Image Crop for nigh on 2 years after the dev stopped supporting the project. Today i found YoImages through WP Retina 2x website and it's amazing! Why is this functionality not in core??? Thanks so much for your hard work guys
8 Juni 2018
Great plugin. Works very well and nice and tidy integration with WordPress. Feels like a native setting. Includes some extras like cache busting. Highly recommended. Thanks guys!
24 Januari 2018
WARNING - WARNING If you want to test this plugin, do it on an empty WordPress website. This plugin is dangerous. As soon as I have activated this plugin, it replaced all my alt tags of my 1000 pictures of my website (the settings are available once the plugin is activated and son once it erased all my alt tags). Hundreds of hours of work ruined by this plugin.
20 Oktober 2017
I've always find the basic WP Media Edit painful and unintuitive to crop image. The plugin solves it! It's easy to configure and use, it's not to invasive. Thanks to the developpers for this great work.
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