Please use plugin with all pro features and maps lifetime for free (1)

Unsere Vision ist den weltweiten WordPress Plugin Markt für Klick Tipp zu öffnen. Indem wir die Leads-, Kundendaten direkt aus der Datenbank lesen, filtern, aufbereiten und zu Klick Tipp übertragen.

See the plugin live in hands on Umfrage/survey with Tobias: (2019.08.24 Plugin Version 1.1.1)
4free: Contact Form 7 (CF7) Formular & Klick Tipp einfach verbinden:

Check out the video above! Afterwards get the plugin and start transferring 4free!

See the plugin live in Q & A Video with Marius and Tobias: (2019.06.11 Plugin Version
Connect WooCommerce with Klick Tipp for free:

Check out the video above! Afterwards get the plugin and start transferring!

Im WP2LEADS Plugin stehen meine Klick Tipp Erfahrungen und Beispiele seit 2014

See the plugin live: (Plugin was under huge updated since)
60 seconds setup & transfer: WP user transfer to Klick Tipp incl. user role

Check out the video above! Afterwards get the plugin and start transferring!

  • As a plugin writes user data inside the WP-Database, WP2Leads can extract all these data and transfer them to Klick-Tipp ( KlickTipp is a german email marketing provider)
  • Best benefit: You can transfer current user and new user by cron.

Your FREEdoms

  • You can download any free, essential, pro map and see you data extracted from your WP Database
  • You can transfer unlimited data to Klick Tipp on all free maps, forever
  • You can create unlimited own maps and see your data
  • (1) Lifetime free usage of all features for a limited amount of user per period.

Handbook with 1 hour A & Q Video and 8 pages of documentation


Salespage with a lot of examples and facts

Salespage with Pros


  • Verbinde WooCommerce mit Klick Tipp, wir bauen hier den Nachfolger des WooEMI Plugins, teste die erste Map/Vorlagen Version
  • Verbinde Gravity Forms mit Klick Tipp und übertrage auch vorhandene Daten
  • Verbinde Contact Form 7 CF7 mit Klick Tipp und übertrage je form einen form tag
  • Verbinde WordPress Benutzer mit Klick Tipp und übertrage die Standard Benutzerrollen als Tags
  • Verbinde den s2Member Mitgliederbereich mit Klick Tipp und übertrage die Mitglieder mit Level als Tags, ändert sich ein Level wird der Kontakt automatisch aktualisiert
  • Verbinde das Terminvereinbarungs Plugin EasyAppointments mit Klick Tipp und automatisiere deine Termine mit dem Ziel weniger Organisationsarbeit und mehr Kunden auf Termin.
    Baue gerne deine eigenen Maps und verbinde alle auf WordPress.org verfügbaren Plugins mit Klick Tipp

FAQ: What is a map?

A map guides the plugin to find user data from your favorite plugins.
It is like a template. You need one per plugin, but can duplicate map and use more than one per plugin

Plugins already mapped and stored on the maps server

  • WooCommerce
  • EasyAppointments
  • CF7 – Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms | WordPress Forms Plugin
  • WordPress Users (Use this map 4 free on any page)
  • Look in the maps tab of the plugin for all available maps

Vote for maps – your vote counts

Click here to free vote for maps

Tangkapan Layar

  • MapRunner: See the lst 100 entries of your users found by the current map/template
  • Maps: Get new maps, updates from here and also export your map to the map server
  • Map to API: Connect your data with the Klick Tipp API by choose opt-in, fields, tags
  • Statistics: Show map name with last data amount transferred by cron or manually
  • Map Builder: Create your own map and extract any User data you like from Database
  • Tools: Easy mass delete tags, normaly you had to do one by one and confirm one by one
  • License details, manage license, Klick Tipp credentials, check plugin environment


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

1. Download and activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
2. In maps tab download a map from server
e.g. A map which can be used for transfer in free version
3. View your data in map runner
4. Map to API Tab:
Connect your data with the Klick Tipp API by choose opt-in process, fields, tags
Open transfer menu an click transfer
test transfer with single transer
use “transfer all in background” to transfer all current data
set up cron to transfer new and updated users


Create your own map

Search for unique strings you entered in the form you want to transfer the data from
* Step by step you can combine the table and build a bigger one
* Filter the columns and extract the user data from the table
* After a change you can check the results below on the page
Create Map Tutorial

What data you sent to our server?

The server is in germany following the DSGVO and get following data from your site so the plugin runs smooth:
* Plugin Version installed, so we can warn you if a version got insecure or could harm your site. (klick tipp rule)
* Not exchanging in free version: license details, URL
* On active license got payment issues we ping plugin and reduce license to free version, on payment we push activate license again.
* On export a map: site URL and license details
* None user data you transferred to klick tipp is going though our server.
* You have a 1:1 direct secure connection between your server and Klick Tipp

Do we need a special server?

We tested on apache and nginx server and with PHP 7.2, with mariaDB and MySQL
We suggest to higher ram, at least 128mb, for easy DB data juggling locally on your server.


18 Desember 2018
Die Idee wurde super gut umgesetzt und funktioniert einfach prächtig. Ich bekam sehr schnell richtig gute Unterstützung vom Support bei der Einrichtung. Danke an den Entwickler!
12 Desember 2018
Hello, nice to have you here and interesting in my WP2LEADS plugin. Since 2014 i develop WP Plugins to connect WordPress with Klick Tipp. It always was not flexible enough, some user want specific data from a from me unknown plugin. I told them it takes about this time and money. So after implementing some changes, i thought of making one plugin transfer all data from DB directly to Klick-Tipp. We started 2018 Januar and still not finished with all our thoughts implemented. I am so proud of sharing the plugin and the maps server with you. Maps save the Database structure of the user data. The data is then viewed in a table and could be then connected with Klick Tipp opt-in process, fields and tags with one click export all data to Klick Tipp in background. I am happy to say that 90% of the plugin is usable for you for free. Some maps need a license and some are free and you can transfer your data in under 60 seconds. see you in WP2LEADS plugin best regards Tobias B. Conrad
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Para Kontributor

Terjemahkan “WP2LEADS” dalam bahasa Anda.

Tertarik mengembangkan?

Lihat kode, periksa repositori SVN , atau mendaftar ke log pengembangan melalui RSS.

Log Perubahan

1.1.10 + 1.1.11 released 2019.10.23

Sorry, but we not tested the plugin when you fresh start with it and connect forms.
Now tested and working.


  • Initial transfer, load endless tags with background service (limit was 100)
  • Warning about timezone, when fixed +/- UTC time is used instead of “berlin”

Contact Form 7

  • Add dsv@ds.ds email to fake data, so no need to enter data in form and it is possible now to sent this fake contact to Klick Tipp to prove connection is established.
  • Connection forms without an other map installed was block and now working
  • Fixed Tags initial creation when Klick Tipp credentials where added on map to api tab
  • Concat Tags fix and excess space fix, so now all tags are created by magic when connection or updating forms.

1.1.9 released 2019.10.10

Most fixes are small and under the hood

  • check if cron is disabled in wp-config.php and show message to enable to get the background transfer service running (Thank you Friedemann und Jana)
  • Remove another special characters (§) from Tags before sending to Klick Tipp. This avoid getting duplicated tags when special characters are inside product title. (Thank you Melanie and sorry for the delay)
  • Roland i am sorry to not include feature to initial transfer more than 100+ Products as tags, i pinged the developer again, so it will be soon implemented, he told me on friday 11.10. he will add this feature.

Most time we are worked and tested on the “More better reviews plugin for WooCommerce”

  • We added a installation wizard and improved review entering page by letter counter
    More information: https://saleswonder.biz/blog/bessere-bewertungen-fuer-woocommerce/

1.1.7-1.1.8 released 2019.09.30

Most fixes are small and under the hood.
Most time we are worked on the More better reviews plugin for WooCommerce
We added a WooCommerce only and very competitive and easy review entering page
More information:

Form handling:

  • remove “,” in tag replacements, to not create tags because of “,” as seperator in form field name


  • Fixed split by separator is value is number
  • Hide warnings on BG processes
  • Filter excluded columns only for virtual columns, nice on new fields when they are created in form like adding state in Directory forms plugin

1.1.4-1.1.6 released 2019.09.13

  • Import only one connection map a time an show map in map runner afterwards
  • Added green buttons to lead you through the plugins first steps, more to come
  • No need to submit new CF7 forms, WP2LEADS will do it for you, so you get to the next step easily (data used will be improved in next version)
  • Added Business directory map and instant transfer added for Christiane

  • Fixed field with type time

  • Added Save Button on WP -> Klick Tipp tab

  • Most time and efforts are brought to the Better Reviews for WooCommerce Add on
    Nice HTML templates with one or 2 columns and big buttons for each star.
    Plug-in an be downloaded here: https://wp2leads-for-klick-tipp.com/woo-wp4free/pop-verbinde-woo-wp-fuer-lau/

1.1.3 released 2019.09.02

  • Really fixed the instant transfer bug on forms (missed code on merge)
  • Faster load of map runner (Vorlage anzeigen) and map builder (Vorlagen Bauplatz)
  • pagination on statistics for a fast load of the tab
  • Goal was to have the plugin running on mobile browser.
    It was freezing before on gathering data

1.1.2 released 2019.08.24

i am happy to bring big changes and improvements with these release
please test your connections after updating


  • easy contact form 7 integration is done, other forms too but not so easy as CF7
  • fixed the instant transfer bug on forms
  • added first tutorial video in forms creation process, where you can select forms to connect with in drop down menu
  • now map to api tab load under 30 seconds no matter how many contacts you have
  • tons of improvements included, which appeared during working with WooCommerce and forms customers

1.1.1 released 2019.08.24

issue on merging released 2019.08.16


  • started to install required plugins with one click.
    like WooCommerce is required for Woo map and
    Contact Forms Entries, Contact Form 7 Plug-in is required for Contact Form 7 connection.

  • started to make form integration very easy by offering to initial create and sent tags from dropdown options to Klick Tipp.
    Also attach this tags in Klick Tipp when a contact choose this answer in form.

  • Working with these form plugins: Contact Form 7, JetPack Contact Form, Ninja Forms, Formidable Forms, Quform, cformsII, Contact Form by BestWebSoft, Ultimate Form Builder, Caldera Forms, WP Forms, Gravity Forms.
  • With the Contact Form 7 integration we do something special and it will be released soon. So CF7 integration will be not so good as the others like gravity forms with this version. But after the release will be much better.

  • tons of improvements included, which appeared during working with WooCommerce and Forms customers.

  • added date+time field type, so you can now add date and time separately and it will be sent to Klick Tipp in a field with type date & time. Also added translator to GMT time to have the exact time in Klick Tipp.
    Sure this “date + time” field working with timestamp and date and time in one part.

  • Easy Appointments Plug-in can now be used with the new created map.

  • Most time we spend on creating and integrating our newest WP2LEADS Add-on “Better reviews for WooCommerce”. This Plugin will boost your 4,5 stars ratings on Trusted Shops site.

  • lot of testing on customers and own sites with a lot of plugins installed. released 2019.07.04

* instant transfer
* If you like to stay with your map and only activate instant transfer please watch this video: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cq13iCTsIm

* WooCommerce: order created during checkout or order update, triggers instant transfer
* Contact form 7, click on sent form, triggers instant transfer
* WP Users, update, create user, triggers instant transfer

Reduced content on Webpage:
info about connection possibilities, tutorials, price list, free download
please visit https://saleswonder.biz

Reduced and checked maps on maps server:
benefits: maps now with instant transfer and more clever default settings released 2019.06.11

* Move date range fields to overview section, display cron settings in overview section if cron not set up
* Faster initial and normal settings because usability is improved

* Hide KT password on initial settings with dots
Benefit: good when creating videos
* Fix an issue with adding values if fields are already closed
Benefit: e.g. when a date & time field gets wrong values when handling DB data on the left side, transfer could fail. I had this issue a lot of times, puh now solved.

Handbook updated with 1 hour A & Q Video and 8 pages of documentation:

Salespage updated with a lot of examples and facts:
https://saleswonder.biz/blog/101-woocommerce-und-klick-tipp-einfach-verbinden/ released 2019.06.06

under the hood feature:
* three separated background processes (BG) instead of one
* separate data in BG process
* Faster data handling when working with plugin
* Faster cron complete,
* Less server usage
* Data is transfered more often released 2019.03.31

  • Bugfix: Maps “Support and Info” links in Vorlagen/Maps tab are now working
    Benefit: Get quick support from the creator of the map, which knows the map and the connected plugin very well. released 2019.03.23

  • (1) Lifetime free usage of all features for a limited amount of user per period.
    Case: Install and use plugin with all pro features and maps lifetime for free.
  • Bugfix: again remove extra manual tags created by saved tag prefix
    Benefit: Create tags in Klick Tipp and use them as campagne trigger.
    So you are ready setup, before the first user entered any data. released 2019.03.22

  • (1) Lifetime free usage of all features for a limited amount of user per period.
    Case: Install and use plugin with all pro features and maps lifetime for free.
  • Feature: Added new field type decimal
    Benefit: You can now transfer order amount with comma like 128,59 €
  • Bugfix: extra manual tags created by saved tag prefix removed released 2019.03.19

  • added wizard to connect field from other Klick Tipp Account
    Case: use when map uses additional fields
  • (1) Lifetime free usage of all features for a limited amount of user per period.
    Case: Install and use plugin with all pro features and maps lifetime for free. released 2019.03.09

  • Feature: Initial create of Tags in Klick Tipp, without sent them with a contact.
    Benefit: After initial transfer you can start your marketing with all possible Tags instantly. Example you have all product, category tags in Klick-Tipp from the start.
  • Over 100 of improvements since last version
    For example complete restructured MAP to API Page (Page to connect WP data to Klick Tipp) to show possible tags from conditions, auto tag, add remove tags section instantly in preview. released 2019.02.03

  • Fix: improved german translation, text links now working
  • Feature: map Tag prefix, global Tag prefix
    Benefit: Transfer endless WordPress installations to one Klick Tipp Account and still know where the Tags come from
    e.g. global tag prefix “shop 1” -> “shop 1 wc-completed”
    e.g. map tag prefix “form 1” -> “form 1 like more details” released 2019.01.25

First Version with german translation

In Map to API Tab:
New Live updating Tag preview
Show now 4 different types of tags for better overview:
* Grey – Tags on Klick Tipp but not from this map settings
* Blue – Tags on Klick Tipp and in this map settings
* Red – Tags will be detached
* Green – Tags will be added
Your benefit:
* you do not have to save and reload and wait to see your tags by conditions ect. to show up.
* Also no need to save map to start transfer.
* This save much time especially when working with 32.000 or more user/customer, like we did on testing.

In Map Builder:
* Added LONGTEXT message, to avoid MySQL issues on high user amount and show kind in search results
* Live updating of results, good to instand see if you like the results.

Tested with 32.000+ WooCommerce customers transferred to Klick Tipp release 2018.12.24

  • Added huge performance improvements
  • Tested to transfer 9200 WP-User, worked well release 2018.12.14

  • Add system settings values, so you can check if your server is ready to perform

1.0 First release 2018.11.30 Black Friday

I am very happy to release this version after developing since january 2018
* First release
* Plugin with maps server and 5 maps ready to tranfer your data