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Twitter profile widget


With ‘WP Twitter profile’ you can add a mini version of your twitter profile to your WordPress site as a widget.

What can this widget show:

  • Your profile picture and banner image, layed out similar to the Twitter sidebar
  • Your real name as it is held by Twitter and your @username
  • A follow link to your profile
  • The number of tweets, subscribers and subscribed for your profile
  • Your recent tweets (including rich content with Twitter links for hashtags and @username, URLs and img tags for images uploaded to Twitter)
  • CSS styling depending on the colour scheme used on your Twitter profile

Note: This plugin requires the use of cURL to be installed and active on the web server

Arbitrary section

Tangkapan Layar

  • The WP Twitter profile widget, showing a Twitter profile only, without any tweets.
  • The WP Twitter profile widget, showing a Twitter profile with the two most recent tweets.
  • The WP Twitter profile widget, showing a Twitter profile with only the most recent tweet, which also has an image attached which is displayed as a link to the tweet.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/WP-Twitter-profile’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Go to ‘Appearance->Widgets’ and drag ‘Twitter profile widget’ to your desired widget area.
  4. Register a Twitter app via to gain access to an ‘API key’ and ‘Access token’
  5. Fill in the fields for the widget settings

Tanya Jawab

Is anything else required, other than a WordPress website?

Yes. You will also require a Twitter API key, API key secret, Access token & Access token secret from twitter.
The required details can be obtained by registering an app at


24 November 2016 2 balasan
Doesnt work for me, im using WorldStar theme by themzee. i have filled in every field. how does it not work? it just blank, not only that, if i put any other widget under "twitter profile widget" they all disapear. In other words if i put this widget at the top, it will automatically crash/hide every other widget under it. i would still like to use it as it looks very cool. please help me if you can, i will change my rating from 1 start to 5 if it works.
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Log Perubahan


  • Updated code for compatability with PHP7
  • Fixed outdated code to allow functionality
  • Adding extra options to turn off bio, follow button & stats


  • Fixing missing CSS file


  • Adding transient cache
  • Correcting href target code
  • Altering admin backend, changing target to checkbox, adding cache timeout, changing secret fields to type=password


  • Initial release