WP Symposium Pro


This is the ultimate social network plugin for WordPress. You can create your own social network, on your WordPress website.

With profiles, activity (wall), unlimited forums, friends, email alerts and so much more, it’s perfect for clubs, schools, interest groups, engaging with customers, support sites, gaming sites, dating sites, limited only by your imagination!

ust add the plugin, click a button and you have your own social network, simple as that. 🙂

Incredibly compatible

Incredibly compatible with themes and plugins. Find out more, including additional plugins for WP Symposium Pro, at http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com.

Massively customizable

Want to change something, the layout, text, button labels? WP Symposium Pro’s real power lies behind shortcodes with options galore, that allow you to change just about everything, and design your social network pages the way you want them!

Multi-lingual site?

No problem! Easily change all the text your users will see through options. Using WPML? Works happily with that plugin too!

And there’s even more…!

Extra extensions are available that add features galore! Private messages, groups, forum subscriptions, choose who to share activity with, image and YouTube attachments, galleries, profile security and many (many) more! Please note that these are available as optional extensions via http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com.

And you can get the Extensions plugin, right now, for a CRAZY low Price!

Find out more

Find out all about it, and more, at http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com.

Oh, and drink tea, tea is good…


Go to plugins in your admin dashboard and click Add New, and search for WP Symposium Pro.

Once activated, to get started quickly, go to WPS Pro->Setup (a new menu item), and click on the “Add Profile Pages” button (once).

Erm… that’s it!

This will install a default profile page (with activity, etc), an edit profile page, a change avatar page and a friendships.

Then click on the “Add Forum” button for as many forums as you want!

You may then want to add your new WordPress pages to your site menu via Appearance->Menus.

An online admin guide (Codex) is available at www.wpsymposiumpro.info.

To manually install, download the ZIP file, extract contents and place in wp_content/wp-symposium-pro folder.

Tanya Jawab

The best source of news and information is the WP Symposium Pro blog at the online Admin Guide (Codex) at https://www.wpsymposiumpro.com/frequently-asked-questions/, it’s constantly kept up-to-date with news, updates, articles and tips. Or you can try out the plugin at http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com.


22 Mei 2022
Been in the biz of social networking community for over 30 years. WPS is by far the most customizable. It can be a bit challenging, but over all it is easy. I have created over 30 sites, and each one is unique. Customer service is excellent.
28 September 2021
Had numerous issues when installing this app and ultimately ended up going with another plug-in to get the functionality I was looking for. However, that's not where my problems began with this plug-in. Even after the plug-in failed to work, I did not request a refund as I took responsibility for not doing enough research before committing to their annual subscription (because the only other option was a lifetime purchase). So I ate the costs and moved on. The following year, I see a charge for this plug-in on my PayPal account. Immediately, I reach out to support and kindly explain that I would like to cancel the subscription and requested a refund. I've never encountered a business owner how refused a refund when it's requested within hours of the renewal. Obviously, if we were months into the subscription period, it would be a different story. Despite emailing them the moment that the renewal was charged, they never responded. Simply cancelled my subscription (I only know this because I was notified by PayPal) and never issued a refund or even an explanation as to why they wouldn't refund me. Since then, I have tried reaching out 5 different times as well as once through PayPal. Again, they had time to respond to the dispute on PayPal, but not to any of my emails. Not only is it extremely unprofessional to just completely disregard customer's emails like that, I still cannot believe they are refusing to refund me for an annual subscription that I don't even have access to. At the very least, if they refuse to refund the year subscription, I should have access until the end of the 1-year period. Complete scam artists. Do not care about you as a customer, just want to collect that check. Zero customer service and a poorly made plug-in.
17 Juni 2021
Main issue I found was after creating a forum the page generated did not match the "page" as generated for the menu item. When I added the menu item the forum page link was broken - it led to url.com/wps-forums/name-of-forum. In reality the forum URL was simply "name-of-forum" (without "wps-forums"). That simply shouldn't happen. I don't want to critique to UI and settings panel which is not easy to figure out but this plugin looks like it needs an update and some reworking of the functionality. I will go back to BuddyPress / bbPress for now.
20 Mei 2019
I have tried for days to get access to the website wp symposium pro and keep getting kicked off/redirected . This has been going on for days and I need to access the site to get the pro shortcodes that I need to have a social site. I am not able to gain access to make contact either, I am not able to access anything on the pro site which has all the things I will need to make it work like the demo shows. The codes that were available were great but without the pro codes it's not worth it.
14 Desember 2018
WP Symposium is a great idea with a host of great features. And once you get into the admin side of the fence, the plugin is incredibly easy to use for even the most technically challenged of people. With that said, the execution of that idea is where you'll find flaws. For example, when uploaded, images are displayed as thumbnails opposed to full-sized images. Although support for GIF files is advertised, they are displayed as still images when uploaded. No animation or movement. In addition, videos open and play in a separate tab opposed to directly on the user's profile or group page. Link previews are sometimey. Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes they just display random error. etc. What may have been small nuances a few years ago are a big deal in an era where visual content is so critical to user engagement. I discussed these concerns with the creator, who revealed that there were no plans of addressing them in future updates any time soon. In essence, basic WordPress features have been scaled back in the WP Symposium. I imagine some of these limitations were enforced with resource management in mind, but it's very frustrating when your hosting platform is equipped to accommodate much more. Unfortunately, WP Symposium, while very useful, comes off as an outdated application that is more suited for the MySpace days than today's visually stunning social web. As such, I'm currently considering making the switch to BuddyPress in hopes of finding something with more media-friendly flexibility. After a year of building everything around WP Symposium, I can't say I'm looking forward to it.
24 Mei 2017
The guys at WPS provide extremely good support and the positive reviews here can be taken as genuine FACT. Although familiar with Wordpress, my lack of coding/CSS knowledge has not been an issue with this plugin & Pro Extensions as the 'tweaks' I needed were provided promptly and courteously by the support team. This is by far the best WP Forum alternative and for those worried about continuity and/or compatibility - fear not! The support is top-notch and I can wholeheartedly recommend both the Core (Free) Plugin and the Pro (Paid) Extensions, which provide an extensive amount of extendability.
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Log Perubahan

2022.5 Fixed soe files to run with WP 6
2022.01 Corredtd some php for the upcoming WP release.
2021.10 Cleaning files
2021.08 Fixed for WP 5.8
2021.07 Fixed php in extensions shortcodes
2021.05 testing in wp 5.7.2
2021.03 Testes up to WP 5.7
2021.02 Testing in PHP 5.8
2021.01 Minor php fixes
2020.10 Monor tweak in php
2020.09.1 Fixed the 91 links in the Set-up to the help files for each feature.
2020.09 Fixed Php calls in Dorectory php
020.06 Some changes for wp 5.4
2019.11 Minor code fixed for WP 5.3
2019.10 Minor updates for WP 5.2.3
2019.05 fixed wording
20.03 Minor Fixes for WordPress 5.1
19.10.1 Minor fixes
19.10 Minor Fixes for WordPress 5
18.10 More Minor Fixes for WordPress 5
18.07 More fixes for WordPress 5
18.05 Fixed to run with WOrdPress 5
18.04 Smalled fixes for stabilization for WP 5
18.01 Preparing for WordPress 5.0 release
17.10 Fixed Mandatory required om Register page
Fixed Link for Report Users

17.09 Fixed mandatory setings in edit Profile

17.08 Changed link to website to promote low price.

17.07.01 Fixed activity attachment delete bug

17.06 Fixed bug in Edit Profile page that caused sidebar to move to bottom of profile info.

17.05 Removed select2 from admin
Removed global WPS button style, to put back, add the following CSS to your site:

        .wps_button {
            background-color: #E6E6E6;
            background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, #FFFFFF 0px, #E0E0E0 100%);
            background-repeat: repeat-x;
            border: 1px solid #D2D2D2;
            border-radius: 3px;
            box-shadow: 0 1px 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.15) inset, 0 1px 1px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.075);
            color: #7C7C7C;
            font-size: 13px;
            font-weight: normal;
            line-height: 19.5px;
            padding: 3px 10px 3px 10px;

        .wps_button:active {
            background-image: linear-gradient(to top, #FFFFFF 0px, #E0E0E0 100%);

        .wps_button:hover {
            color: #000;

17.02.b Change Avatar: Fixed problem with avatar_style parameter and set default height/width of thumbnail to 250 pixels (from 100).

17.01.01 Fixed problem with saving shortcode options with global styles switched on

17.01 Change Avatar: new options for [wps-avatar] to offer popup version to change avatar. Also available for [wps-avatar-change-link], but shares other values from [wps-avatar].
Profile: Added ‘firstlast’ as an option to [wps-display-name] to show first and last name, instead of display name.
Edit Profile: Added default tab on WPS Pro->Setup->Edit Profile page (when using tabs for profile information)
Updated back-end version of SimpleImage crop command (from cut)

16.12 Styles! This will be work in progress, but we have added a new admin section to easily setup global styles for your site.
Profiles/Friends: Can now make a profile a favourite with [wps-favourite-friend], also via Friends page. Favourite friends will appear at the top of the list of friends, before non-favourites. Needs to be a friend to appear on the friends page.
Forums: Added forum_count_include_replies to set if to base poster & freshness on latest reply (not count which is always posts only)? [wps-forums].
Forums: With [wps-forum-children] you can already list child forums. Now you can also show recent posts/replies. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->[wps-forum-children].

16.11 Edit Profile: Set default/mandatory for town/city and country (Shortcodes->Profile->[wps-usermeta-change])
Avatar: Can now translate flip/rotate/etc for avatar upload (Shortcodes->Avatar->[wps-avatar-change])
Profile: Profile page shows correctly for users who have space in the user login

16.09 Marked as compatible with WordPress 4.6.1

16.08 Change Avatar: Flip, rotate and add effects to your uploaded avatar image! Activate in WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Change Avatar. Select effects to show in WPS Pro->Setup->Edit Profile.
Change Avatar: Added step1 and step2 as options for [wps-avatar-change].
Friends: New shortcode [wps-friends-count] to show accepted/pending friends. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Friends.
Forums: New “no_posts” option for [wps-forum-show-posts] to set text if no posts/replies/comments to show. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums->[wps-forum-show-posts].
Friends: Can now style %f if used in menus, with class “wps_pending_friends_count”.
Alerts: Timestamp changed to local “blog” time.
Favourites: Fixed as stopped working with activity loaded via AJAX.
Usermeta: New shortcode [wps-user-id] that outputs the current user’s ID, or if on a user’s profile page, the ID of that user.

16.07 Forums: New replies and comments are now taken into account for forum “NEW” highlights
Forums: Content considered new if added in a time limit (seconds) set in WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums->[wps-forums]->”How long content stays “new” for”. Note this is not related to when a user last logged in (which can lead to an overload of “new” content). For info, 259200 seconds equates to 3 days. It is recommended to check the option below “Mark read items as no longer new”.
Forums: New option for [wps-forum] “topic_action”. Can direct viewers of a topic to first or last page (see WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums->[wps-forum]->”For both styles…”).
Forums: [wps-forum-comment] renamed as [wps-forum-reply] so more accurate, both still work.
Forums: New setup option (WPS Pro->Setup->Forum) to limit the length of URLs for links to individual forum posts.
Forums: Set “read” text of link to forum post for [wps-forum-show-posts].
Forums: Can disable timeouts, so forum replies can always be edited.
Friends: Can put %f in a menu item to show pending friendship count.
Edit Profile: Password strength meter added, can be disabled/customised via WPS Pro->Setup->Edit Profile.
Alerts: New setup option to retry failed sent alerts (keep an eye on the Alerts), should not be necessary to set this.
Alerts: Improved failed messages and shows if re-trying
Admin: On WPS Pro->Setup page, click on icons beside links to show on the main admin bar
Admin: WPS Pro submenu items now ordered alphabetically.
Admin: New option on WPS Pro->Setup->Edit Profile page to hide “Receive email notifications for activity”.
Admin: Use http://www.example.com/wp-admin/admin.php?page=wps_pro_setup&wps_deactivate_all=1 to de-activate all core and extension features (for admin use only)
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.5.3.

16.06 Activity: Massive improvement with use of AJAX for posts and comments, and paging with “more…” button
Activity: Added get_max_friends to [wps-activity] shortcode to fine-tune performace. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Activity.
Usermeta: Now logs when user logins in, and records previous login.
Usermeta: New shortcodes [wps-last-active] and [wps-last-logged-in].
Forums: New forum posts since previous login are now optionally highlighted, see WPS Pro->Shortcodes->[wps-forum]->”For both styles…”.
Forums: Can now set individual auto-close period on forums via Manage All Forums->Edit.
Forums: Automatic redirect in admin skips taxonomy edit for all forums, redirects to Manage All Forums instead (cleaner, avoids adding forum via taxonomy).
Forums: New option pagination_above for [wps-forum] to enable pagination above forum topic post.
Forums: When reply to a forum post, last page is now shown (if pagination on and applicable).
WPS Pro->Shortcodes->[wps-forum]->”For single topic view…”.
SEO: Updated to support latest WordPress and Yoast SEO filters.

16.05.03 Forums: Can now set No replies, 1 reply (etc.) text via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums->[wps-forum].

16.05.02 Setup: Can now select which core features to enabled
Avatar: Can now set maximum file upload size (WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Avatar->[wps-avatar-change])
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.5.2

16.05.01 Forums: Fix to support Arabic characters, etc.
Forums: Fix to editing posts when content sometimes didn’t show.
Forums: Improved speed of [wps-forums] and [wps-forum] shortcodes.
Forums: Added pagination to [wps-forum] shortcode, see options under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->wps_forum (For both styles…). Note that pagination and the option to show/hide closed topics cannot operate together. If pagination is enabled, the closed topics checkbox is automatically hidden. Removed max_forum_posts. New pagination options.
Tags: If you @tag someone that doesn’t exist, no link is created. You can type @user_login into forums with WYSIWYG toolbar, but no pop-up to select, but they will be get converted into links.
Activity: Added parsing to remove tags for security reasons.

16.05 Alerts: Improved notice when user chosen not to receive alerts by email (WPS Pro->Setup->Manage Alerts)
Forum: New option for [wps-forum]. Set header_freshness to change title of freshness column (table style)
Forums: Via “Manage All Forums” (WPS Pro->Setup), you can now delete forums
Avatar: New option for [wps-avatar]. Set user_id=”user” to always show current user, or the ID of a Avatar: User meta wps_pro_avatar updated with path when uploading custom avatar.
Profile: Missing shortcode added WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Profile page for [wps-display-name], which includes option of user=”user” to always show current user, or set to show dependent on context of page.
WordPress user. Default will show avatar based on context of page in the site.
Miscellaneous: Fix for compatibility with BBpress (https://codex.bbpress.org/bbp_setup_current_user/was-called-incorrectly/).
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.5.1

16.04.02 Forum: New option for [wps-forum-post]. Set slug=”choose” to give users choice of forum to post to.
Forum: Fix to show report option when post/reply/comment not owned by user.
Forum: Set additional forum admin(s) via WPS Pro->Shortcode->wps_forum (single post view).
Forum: Can choose if original topic author is shown for table style of wps-forum via WPS Pro->Shortcode->wps_forum (For table style…).
Forum: Fix to wps-forum (table style) that caused reply count to show in wrong place.
Forum: New option to [wps-forums]. Set include=”all” or “private” or “public” to filter forums shown.
Forum Activity: Fixed bug for email alerts for activity comments in some circumstances.
Forum: New shortcode! Added [wps-is-forum-single-post]XXX[/wps-is-forum-single-post]. Find under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Conditional.
Forum: New shortcode! Added [wps-is-forum-posts-list]XXX[/wps-is-forum-posts-list]. Find under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Conditional.
Avatar: Can now also set [wps-avatar] size as a % (or enter a number for pixels).
Shortcodes admin page: Renamed “General” to “Conditional”.
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.5

16.04.01 Activity: Report option (via email) added, modify via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Activity->wps-activity
Forums: Report option (via email) added, modify via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums->wps-forum (single post view)
Forums: Select to show oldest or newest replies first via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Activity->wps-forum

16.04 Shortcode: Added [wps-is-logged-in]CONTENT[/wps-is-logged-in]
Shortcode: Added [wps-not-logged-in]CONTENT[/wps-not-logged-in]
Forums: New option to only allow one reply per user. See WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forum->[wps-forum-comment]
Usermeta: Added option for [wps-usermeta meta=”ID”] so can insert “current user” value to page/widget/etc
Removed wps_config.php, only value set moved to WPS Pro->Shortcodes->wps-forum->”Topics to query from database”
Shortcodes admin page: New section added “General”, with applicable shortcodes moved there.

16.03.01 Shortcode: Added [wps-user-exists-content]CONTENT[/wps-user-exists-content]
Shortcode: Added [wps-is-friend-content]CONTENT[/wps-is-friend-content]
Find options for shortcode under WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Profile.
Both shortcodes will also hide CONTENT if the visitor is not logged in.
Default activity page changed to include above shortcodes (WPS Pro->Setup).

16.03 Forums: New option “allow_close” for [wps-forum-comment] to set if users can close their own posts.
Forums: Empty forum comments no longer cause bug.
Forums: New show_as_dropdown shortcode option for [wps-forums] to show quick jump dropdown list, can be modified via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Forums.
Profile: New shortcode [wps-no-user-check] to show user not found message from above if user not valid
Profile: Added Friend Requests Label as option to [wps-activity-page]
Usermeta: New shortcode [wps-user-exists-content]CONTENT[/wps-user-exists-content] where CONTENT will only be shown if a valid user can be found
Friends: Remove all friends now optional and text can be changed via WPS Pro->Shortcodes->Friends. If you want to show this on Friends page, but have [wps-friends] on a widget and you don’t want the link to show there, remember that you can hide link in widget shortcode with remove_all_friends=”0″.
CSS: wps_submit class removed, all WPS buttons use wps_button class, can be changed via WPS Pro->Setup->Custom CSS

16.02.03 Added option in WPS Pro->Settings->System Options “Feed” to exclude comments from feeds (RSS, etc).

16.02.02 Version change to match Extensions plugin

16.02.01 Translations: User can be offered languages to view the website in (see WPS Pro->Translations)
Friends: new option to remove all friends on user’s friends page
Fix to improve WordPress content feeds for comments

16.02 Forums: New shortcode [wps-forum-children] to display child forums as setup via WPS Pro->Setup->Manage All Forums->Edit (“Parent”). Can set shortcode options as with all shortcodes, via WPS Pro->Shortcodes.
Identified vulnerability patch
Minor bug fixes
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.4.2

16.01.01 Identified vulnerability patch
Marked as compatible with WordPress v4.4.1

16.01 Security patch to address two issues, including a critial vulnerability that would permit accounts to be attacked.
Forums: Limit sticky post option to admins only (via Dashboard->Setup->Forums)
Activity: Limit sticky post option to admins only (via Dashboard->Setup->Profile Page)
Alerts: Option to permenantly remove successfully sent alerts (also removes from use on site!)

15.12 Styles: can now globally switch off shortcode CSS wrapper styles (via WPS Pro->Shortcodes and then on any shortcode set of options). For slight increase in performance and less markup, and to make manually applying CSS easier.
Activity “Only friends can post here” changed to “You do not have permission to post here” as may be a friend, but not allowed to post to activity.
Activity: Added “Group Activity” on Setup->Groups to exclude group activity from other users in profile activity feed.
Multiple minor bug fixes.

15.11 Edit Profile: If there is a problem when saving, the Tab with the problem in it also highlights as error, so if not on current tab, is clearer.
Activity: Added active_friends as option to [wps-activity] to assist in performance increase
Forum: Improved CSS of mobile forum post view, including removal of initial post author avatar
Core: Added constraint as second parameter to wps_get_friends()

15.10 Forums: Added hide_initial to [wps-forum] to set if to show post title on page 2+ if using pagination
Forums: Fixed bug to show comments when a topic is closed (were previously not showing)
Various minor bug fixes.

15.8 Avatars now link to profile pages on activity, directory and forums
Edit Profile: Added required_msg to [wps-usermeta-change] (message for mandatory fields)
New WPS Pro->Setup->Profile Page option to set if an alert is sent when an activity post is sent to all friends
New WPS Pro->Setup->Profile Page option to set if focus is set to new activity post textarea on page load
New Setup->System Options option (“HTTPS detection”) which forces true to be returned when checking for presence of HTTPS server (known to overcome some situations when detection fails)

15.7 Choose where admin links appear (Setup page or Admin dashboard menu)
Option to hide Welcome header on setup page

15.5 Admin: New Shortcodes section to easily view and change all the settings for WP Symposium Pro shortcodes!
Admin: Add styles to all shortcodes (can avoid with styles=”0″ on a shortcode)
Edit Profile: Organise into Tabs via new WPS Pro->Setup section for Edit Profile
Activity: Added background_icon as option to [wps-activity-post]
Forum: Removed limit of 10 comments shown on forum replies
Forum: Fixed bug with show_closed on [wps-forum] shortcode
Forums: Added show_closed as new option to [wps-forums]
Profile: Added link as option to [wps-usermeta] (if meta value is user_email)
Profile: Added the following as valid for meta option for [wps-usermeta]: ‘display_name’, ‘user_login’, ‘user_nicename’, ‘user_email’, ‘user_url’, ‘user_registered’, ‘user_status’
System: Resets alert cron job after plugin activation (eg. after updates)

15.4 Alerts: Added option to delete all from drop-down alerts list (change with [wps-alerts-activity delete_all_text=”example”]
Alerts: Added option to remove alert from list, when clicked on, ie. [wps-alerts-activity delete_on_click=”1″]
Forums: Renamed wps_forum_comment_add_hook hook to wps_forum_reply_add_hook.
Dashboard: WPS icon only shown on All Users page to administrators (to counter some plugins)

15.2 Forums: Added multiline as option to [wps-forum-post] to control lines in forum post title
Groups: Fix to order_by option for [wps-groups]
Activity: Added logged_out_msg and login_url (for message shown on activity when not logged in)
Activity: When deleting an activity post or comment, corresponding alerts are deleted (emails may already have been sent!)
Edit Profile: Added name as option to [wps-usermeta-change], set to “” to hide
Edit Profile: Added logged_out_msg and login_url to [wps-usermeta-change]
Change Avatar: Added logged_out_msg and login_url to [wps-avatar-change]
Friends: Added logged_out_msg and login_url to [wps-friends]
Filter: Changed apply_filters( ‘wps_forum_item_content_filter’, $post_content, $post, $atts )
Filter: Changed apply_filters( ‘wps_forum_item_sub_comment_content_filter’, $sub_comment_content, $subcomment, $atts )
Started to introduce helpful admin tips on front end (can be dismissed and only shown to site administrators)

15.1.2 Fixed bug stopping images being inserted into posts/pages via media library
15.1.1 Fixed bug with forum pagination

15.1 New style option for forums to offer alternative layouts, with following new options for [wps-forum]:
‘style’ => ‘table’ (look and feel, table|classic, set to classic for alternative layout)
‘started’ => ‘Started by %s %s’
‘replied’ => ‘Last replied to by %s %s’
‘commented’ => ‘Last commented on by %s %s’
‘size_posts’ => 96
‘size_replies’ => 48
‘post_preview’ => 250
‘reply_preview’ => 120
‘view_count_label’ => ‘VIEW’ (singular)
‘views_count_label’ => VIEWS’ (plural)
‘reply_count_label’ => ‘REPLY’ (singular)
‘replies_count_label’ => ‘REPLIES’ (plural)
Note that views starting counting from installation, and exclude post owner views of the post
Add a featured image to forums (WPS Pro->Forum Setup->Edit) to include with [wps-forums]. Also added featured_image_width as an option (px).
To hide town and country from edit profile set shortcode option town=”” and country=”” (or just one of them as applicable)
Added wps_activity_post_post_form_filter filter to [wps-activity-post]
Users are not subscribed to activity alerts by default, to support local laws about opting in

14.12.2 Activity: Added additional parameter to wps_activity_item_filter (see Hooks and Filters index in book)
Activity: Added stick_others as option to [wps-activity] to choose whether other’s sticky posts stick on own activity stream
Activity: Site admin’s can now stick/delete/hide all activity posts
Activity: Fixed ability to delete comments (to activity posts) by comment owner, parent post owner or site admin
Messages: Renamed duplicate private_msg to private_reply_check_msg (“Only share reply with %s”)
Avatar: cropping step is skipped if using a mobile device (due to dependency on software library used)
API: Added core API file for functions that developers will find useful
API: core API function wps_insert_activity_post to insert an activity post (see Core Functions chapter in book)

14.12.1 Fixed layout issue with activity posts for gallery items

14.12 Core: New shortcode: [wps-close-account]. Displays a button allowing a user to close their account.
Core: Added test alert via WPS Pro->Setup->Alerts.
Activity: Changed avatar_size option to user_avatar_size for [wps-activity-page]
Activity: Added account_closed_msg to [wps-activity-post]
Avatar: Added crop to [wps-avatar-change] to skip cropping step when uploading avatar (suggest uploading square avatar images on site)
Avatar: Replaced WordPress crop function with SimpleImage for avatar, for better quality and support for non-JPF format
Alerts: Added flag_src to [wps-alerts-activity] and [wps-alerts-friends] to replace icon, use relative or absolute URL
Forums: Admin and post owner can move to another forum when replying
Forums: Admin does not have to reply to move or close a post
Forums: Added count_include_replies to [wps-forums], whether to include replies/comments to forum posts, default 1
Forums: Changed default of show_posts_header for [wps-forums] to 0
Forums: Can now make private replies on the forum, only visible by forum post author and site administrators. Set allow_private=1 and optionally private_msg to [wps-forum-comment]; also optionally set private_reply_msg to [wps-forum].

14.11 Core: Moved icon color (dark or light) from Profile Page to Core Options (WPS Pro->Setup->Core Options)
Core: Added option for external links to open in new window, with optional suffix after external links (WPS Pro->Setup->Core Options)
Alerts: can now show alerts as a flag with count [wps-alerts-activity]
Alerts: added ability to mark all as read, delete individual alerts and delete all alerts
Alerts: added make_all_read_text and delete_all_text (shown with [wps-alerts-activity]
Forums: added title_length to [wps-forum], [wps-forums] and [wps_forum_show_posts] to limit characters of forum titles (default, 50)
Forums: added show_count, show_last_activity and show_freshess to [wps-forums] and [wps-forum]
Forums: removed show_replies from [wps-forum] (replaced with show_count for consistency)
Forums: added level_0_links to [wps-forums] set to 0, to disable links for top level forums
Forums [wps-forum-show-posts]: changed include_replies option, now used for forum post replies (default 1)
Forums [wps-forum-show-posts]: added include_comments option used for forum post reply comments (default 0)
Forums [wps-forum-show-posts]: Added options to show summary of forum activity (good for a widget!):
summary (whether to show as summary information, default 0)
summary_format (if summary=1, format of text, default ‘%s %s %s %s ago %s’)
example of output: [simon] [replied to] [This topic] [5 mins] ago [the snippet]
summary_started (text for ‘started’)
summary_replied (text for ‘replied to’)
summary_commented (text for ‘commented on’)
summary_title_length (maximum length of title, default 50)
summary_snippet_length (maximum length of snippet, default 50, set to 0 to hide)
summary_avatar_size (size of avatar, default 32, set to 0 to hide)
summary_show_unread (whether to bold topics with unread content, default 1)
Friendships: New option (under WPS Pro->Setup->Friendships) to set all site members as friends with each other, always.
Friendships: Can add pending friendship requests as a flag with count with [wps-alerts-friends]

14.10.3 Change in version number to match WP Symposium Pro (Extensions) update

14.10.2 Fix to activity when adding images to a gallery (was causing indent on following posts)

14.10.1 Change in version number to match WP Symposium Pro (Extensions) update

14.10 Activity: Members can now hide posts on their activity posted by others
Activity: Avatar now shown when adding a comment to activity posts
Activity: Can now set number of comments shown with [wps-activity comment_size=x]
Set text with comment_size_text_plural/comment_size_text_singular
Forums: Comments on forum post replies are now available (can be disabled/configured)
Forums: New option in Setup->Forum to set when a forum post automatically closes due to inactivity
Misc: Added wps_is_forum_page($id) core function to check if WordPress page with ID of $id is a forum page
Misc: Added .wps_button class to all in WPS for quick and easy styling of buttons, eg:
.wps_button { border: 3px solid red !important; }

14.9 Forums: New Forum Administration, a handy single screen to manage all forums (including security if in use)
Forums: Added no_permission_msg to wps-forum-comment shortcode (relevant to forum security)
Alerts: Link in Friendship request alert now goes to user’s page to accept/reject

14.8 Forums: Updated forum-show-posts shortcode with bug fix for multi-site installations
Forums: After adding new post, new post is shown (instead of forum posts list)
-> http://www.wpsymposiumpro.com/development-to-do-list/after-adding-forum-topic-show-the-topic/
Alerts: Added option in setup to disable alerts from being sent out globally
Setup: Added warning if profile pages not setup in WPS Pro->Setup->Profile Pages

14.7.18 Avatar: Added not_permitted (text) to [wps-avatar-change]
Friends: Fixed missing / in URL in the alert sent out
Activity: When viewing a post (single view), a message is shown if it doesn’t exist.
Change with [wps-activity not_found=”Nothing to see!”]
Forum: When deleting comments, back to forum link is now shown
Misc: Increased security of custom post types

14.7.5 Forums: Added include_closed option to [wps-forum-show-posts] (default 1)
Setup: Quick Start friends page now includes pending friendship requests

14.7.4 Maintenance Release

14.7.3 Core: simplified usort for activity for older versions of PHP
Core: removed deprecated use of jQuery.browser

14.7.1 Maintenance Release
Forums: Only published posts/replies now included in [wps-forum-show-posts]

14.7 Alerts
New shortcode: [wps-alert-activity] to show alerts on site

     New option: page_x_of_y to [wps-forum] for pagination subtitle, set to "" to hide

14.6.20 Forums
Added pagination to [wps-forum]
Added style to highlight unread posts, or posts with new replies since last viewed
Added style to highlight posts that user has replied to. Add reply_icon=0 to [wps-forum] shortcode to hide
Deleted posts through front-end now put in trash
Single Forum posts now set document to the post title for SEO purposes

     Added [wps-usermeta-button] shortcode to create button for URL with user ID

     Admin (Setup)
     After saving under WPS Pro->Setup, expanded section stays expanded

14.6.11 Removed rogue output when saving edited forum post

14.6.8 GMT should now be used as the ‘base’ for calculating freshness of content

14.05.25 Added show_replies to show/hide replies count column to [wps-forum], default 1
Added show_comments_count to show/hide the count of replies after forum topic title, default 1

14.05.22 Added show_closed to [wps_forums], default 1, set to 0 to hide closed posts
Improved error checking for avatar upload when creating avatar folder in wp-content/wps-pro-content

14.05.21 Added filters to support new Forum Extensions plugin

14.05.20 Added filters to support WYSIWYG option for Forum Toolbar

14.05.19 Fix for setting “wrench” not appearing on activity

14.05.18 Added [center] as a BB Code

14.05.17 Fixed problem with Friendships JS

14.05.16 Added layout option to [wps-friends], can be list or fluid, default list
Added closed_switch and closed_switch_msg to toggle inclusion of closed forum posts
Improved [wps-forum-show-posts] to ensure forum replies are found
Forum post owners can now move posts to other forums (as well as site admins)
Fixed CSS for forum textarea on some browsers, overlaying with Forum Toolbar
Fixed to date format time difference on activity
Removed friendships/js and friendships/css subfolders to reduce file/dir count
Removed avatar/css subfolders to reduce file/dir count

14.05.13 Automatic fall back to older browsers added for activity attachments, and avatar upload, eg. MS IE <= 9
Added choose, try_again_msg, and file_types_msg as options for [wps-avatar-change]
Added missing date_format to [wps-forum]

14.05.12 Fix when “sticked” activity is older than the most recent “count” number of posts
Added date_format across all plugins, where applicable
Added status to [wps-forum], set to ” (all), ‘open’ or ‘closed’
Improve default CSS for [wps-friends]

14.05.11 Allow users to “stick” activity on their home page (not news feed)
Use sticky_label and unsticky_label, set to ” to not offer option
Added delete_label as option to [wps-activity] to change Settings delete text (set to ” to hide)

14.05.10 Small change to filter name typo
14.05.09 New version numbering introduced
When editing a forum post (not reply) can move post to another forum
Set [wps_forum moved_to=”%s successfully moved to %s”] to change success message
Set [wps_forum_post can_move_forum=”0″] to disable
Fixed space in profile link for email alerts
Added [wps-activity hide_until_loaded, a flag to delay activity showing until after CSS loaded, default false] (can improve user experience)
Added [wps_friends_status user_id=’x’] where x is a user ID, or defaults to currently viewed user

0.59 Change Posts to Topics as default forum “post” header title
View Forum Post (either link or button) now goes to post on front end
View Activity (either link or button) now goes to post on front end

0.58.5 Added last_active_format option to [wps-friends]
0.58.4 Fix for [wps-forums] shortcode
0.58.3 New shortcode [wps-friends-status] to show status of friendship

0.58.2 Fixed potential security risk when viewing individual posts
Added secure_post_msg to [wps-forum]
0.58.1 Minor changes
0.58 Can change sticky status when editing a post (admin only)
Forum can now be locked (via forum setup) to stop new posts/replies
Added options to [wps-forums]:
-> show_summary, show_posts and show_posts_header
Added translation options for [wps-forums], [wps-forum] and [wps-forum-page]:
-> forum_title, forum_count, forum_last_activity and forum_freshness
-> header_title, header_count, header_last_activity

0.57 Can now delete forum posts/replies if you are the owner or admin
Various options added to [wps-forum] and [wps-usermeta] to support translations and delete feature

0.56.4 Update to wps_display_name() to support WPML plugin
0.56.3 Fixed bug when editing a forum post/comment when is the author
0.56.2 Minor fix to link from forum post on sub-folder installation
0.56.1 Minor code change for repository
0.56 First release to WordPress repository

0.55.2 Parameter to include user_id for [wps-usermeta]
0.55.1 Added IDs to some DIVs to help with styling
0.55 Prepared for release on WordPress repository
Added option to edit profile page to switch off alerts for activity

0.54.1 Minor change
0.54 Added [wps-forum-page] shortcode

0.53.3 Improved Forum help on setup
0.53.2 Fix to shortcodes inserts when added a new quick-start forum
0.53.1 Update to setup to make new page clear
0.53 Bug fix (removed rogue in forum setup)

0.52.1 Quickly setup unlimited forums via WPS Pro->Setup (quick start)
0.52 Forums plugin now included in core plugin. Forums plugin no longer required.

0.51 Alerts plugin now included in core plugin. Alerts plugin no longer required.

0.50.1 Changed default map type to dynamic
0.50 Made the getting started page more attractive and useful

0.49 Activity now included in core plugin. Activity plugin no longer required.

0.48 Added hooks to allow other plugins to hook into core setup

0.47.1 select2 only loaded when necessary

0.47 Removed external AJAX files (now handled through WP ajax)
Added select2 to core

0.46 Added [map]address[/map] and [map zoom=n]address[/map] to BB Codes

0.45 Removed dependency on Taxonomy Metadata plugin

0.44.2 Added support for BB Codes: list and [*]
0.44.1 Added missing translations
0.44 Small changes to allow .mo translation file to be placed in plugins folder

0.43.3 Fix to Friendship cancellation
0.43.2 Moved BB Code CSS into core
0.43.1 Fix to [wps-friends]
0.43 Move wps_bbcode_replace() to core

0.41.2 Fixed count=”n” for [wps-friends]
0.41.1 Fix to load CSS for friendship shortcodes
0.41 Only loads JS/CSS when required

0.40.2 Localised admin labels
0.40.1 Bug fix to hide when friend was last active if they haven’t been active
0.40 If a user has not uploaded an avatar, the WordPress default is shown instead

0.39 Removed use of jQuery UI from front-end, only used in admin

0.38 Added options to skip loading jQuery UI/CSS (WPS Pro->Setup->Core Options)

0.37.2 wps_are_friends() function improved
0.37.1 Added show_last_active option to [wps-friends]
0.37 Added generic wait jQuery modal, just use jQuery(“body”).addClass(“wps_wait_loading”);

0.36 Added wps_admin_setup_form_get_hook to admin Getting Started

0.35.1 Fixed wps_display_name to handle no permalinks
0.35 Added Quick Start to setup, including button to quickly create profile pages

0.34.1 Added wps_error CSS style
0.34 Added wps_query_mark() function

0.33 Added wps_get_words() function

0.32 Improved Getting Started/Setup hooks for easy extension

0.31 Added hook for Getting Started info (under WPS Pro->Setup)

0.30 Added map_style option to [wps-usermeta], static or dynamic

0.29.1 Changed wps_curPageURL() function to use HTTP_POST instead of SERVER_NAME

0.29 Added support for language translation

0.28.2 Added [wps-usermeta-change] to editor toolbar button
0.28.1 Bug fix
0.28 Added WordPress TinyMCE editor toolbar button that can be extended by other plugins
Requires WordPress v3.9+
Added [wps-display-name] and [wps-avatar] to WPS editor toolbar button

0.27 Custom CSS fixed to support quotes

0.26 Removed dependency on profile page being setup in wps_display_name() function

0.25 Added wps_curPageURL() function to core

0.24 Added Custom CSS admin screen (persistent across updates)

0.23.1 Fix to JS path
0.23 Included font icon logo in menu
Added button to WYSIWYG editor (in preparation)

0.22 Various code changes

0.21 Added wpspro_last_active meta for user, updated on every page load via wp_footer hook

0.20 Added password change to [wps-usermeta-change]

0.19 Added display_name and user_email to [wps-usermeta-change]

0.18 Added hook and filter to wps-usermeta-change shortcode (edit profile)

0.17 Added hooks to integrate with WPS Pro setup page
Fixed missing file upload function

0.16 Added wps_get_friends function

0.15 Removed fileinput to attachments plugin

0.14 Removed bootstrap to ensure theme/plugin compatibility

0.13 Standardise private and none options

0.12 Added support for before and after options on shortcodes

0.11 Implemented friendship requests

0.10 Added link to edit profile page [wps-usermeta-change-link]

0.9 Added front end edit profile [wps-usermeta-change]

0.8 Added change avatar to front end and link [wps-avatar-change-link] and [wps-avatar-change]

0.7 Added admin choice for icons color scheme

0.6 Added profile page selection to setup page

0.5 Initial external release

0.1-4 Internal development