WP Socializer


WP Socializer is an all in one complete social media plugin to add native social media buttons, icons, floating sharebar, follow us buttons, profile icons, mobile sharebar and selected text share popups easily with TONS of customization.

Key features

  • Drag & drop social icons, buttons builder.
  • Add icons easily using the setup wizard.
  • Display the icons, buttons only on the required posts, pages using the advanced conditional rules builder system.
  • Insert 50 social share icons which are highly scalable.
  • Insert 8 native social button widgets ( i.e Facebook, Twitter etc. +6 )
  • Insert both vertical and horizontal floating sharebars.
  • Insert 51 follow me icons in floating bar and widgets.
  • Insert text sharebar with 11 social network support.
  • Add mobile sharebar which supports icons of 50 networks.
  • Has inbuilt system to display share counts.
  • Has support for shortcodes.
  • Has support for native social network sidebar widgets.

Hand picked modern & beautiful designs

  • 58+ social media icons design collections.
  • 87+ design templates to choose during the setup in the below categories.
  • 6 Only native social buttons collection.
  • 11 combination of icons with text and share counter.
  • 19 just icons design collection.
  • 27 icons with share counter collection.
  • 5 full width button collections.
  • 15 icons with text collection.
  • 5 just text buttons collection.

Highly optimized for faster page loads

WP Socializer loads webpages faster since scripts required by buttons are loaded only once and also when necessary. This increases the page load faster even when multiple buttons are used in the same page.

Mobile ready with retina icons

WP Socializer is 100% mobile ready with all the required options required for targetting mobile audience.

  • It has the social networks to share with mobile apps like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Telegram, WeChat
  • Dedicated mobile sharebar.
  • Social icons are retina ready and displays sharp icons even deep zoom in mobile devices.
  • Faster on both mobile and desktop devices as resources are loaded conditionally.

Create your own design for your website

With WP Socializer, you can create your own design for the social button and icons which are placed before and after posts and pages. There is no restriction to specific set of themes. With the advanced share buttons builder system, you can easily customize your website social media features.

Share counters

WP Socializer supports share counter. Share counter can be either displayed individually over icons or as a total count like in popular news sites. Share counter is supported for below networks,

  • Facebook like counts
  • LinkedIn share counts
  • Pinterest counts
  • Total share counts

Conditional display

Social buttons can be placed conditionally by creating rules which allows it to display only on the desired posts. There is a wide selection of rules which gives complete control on where to display what kind of buttons. You can create rules like below,

  • Show in all pages
  • Hide in all pages
  • Show in selected pages
  • Hide in selected pages

Show/hide on,

  • Single posts, pages
  • Home, front & 404 pages.
  • Category, date & tag archives
  • Category, tags attached to posts.
  • Post formats
  • Custom post types.

Show/hide based on:

  • Desktop devices
  • Mobile devices
  • Desktop & mobile devices

Supported social media icons

Add to favorites, Behance, Bitbucket, Blogger, CodePen, Comments, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribbble, Email, Facebook, Facebook messenger, Flickr, Github, Google, Hacker News, Instagram, LinkedIn, Medium, PayPal, PDF, Pinterest, Pocket, Print, Reddit, RSS, Short link, Snapchat, Soundcloud, StackOverflow, Quora, Telegram, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, VKontakte, wechat, WhatsApp, Xing, Yahoo! Mail, Youtube, Weibo, Line, Mix, Odnoklassniki, Renren, Skype, Telephone/call button, Houzz, Etsy.

Social share icon designs:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Squircle
  • Squircle 2
  • Diamond
  • Drop
  • Ribbon

Native social media buttons

With WP Socializer plugin, you can add the native share buttons provided by leading social media websites. Buttons settings can be changed inside the admin page itself. All kinds of native social buttons from the below providers can be created.

  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Reddit, LinkedIn, Sharethis
  • Pinterest & Pocket

Sidebar widgets

WP Socializer can also be used to insert widgets to WordPress sidebar. Below list of widgets can be added.

  • Twitter timeline
  • Facebook page & messenger widget
  • Google+ Badge
  • Follow us buttons with text
  • Social buttons/icons to share the current post/page.

Support for shortcodes

There is also support for shortcodes with which social media buttons can be placed anywhere in posts and even in themes directly. The list of social buttons which can be inserted can be seen below.

  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Reddit, LinkedIn
  • Sharethis, Pinterest
  • Pocket & 50 social media icons

Follow us icons and selected text sharebar

There is also support for follow us / profile icons which can placed in widget or near the sides of the window. In addition to this, popups can also be added to share selected text which allows visitors to share the quoted text.

Setup wizard

WP Socializer has a built-in setup wizard with which it takes only ~3mins to add social icons and buttons to your site.

Custom social buttons

If you find that any of the social buttons are missing, they can also be added via the “custom HTML” feature built into the plugin.

More links

Tangkapan Layar

  • WP Socializer admin home page.
  • Native social icon, buttons, share counters, icons styles in action
  • WP Socializer in action with a dark theme
  • Vertical sharebar
  • Horizontal sharebar
  • Sharebar with custom background color and design
  • Follow us icons floating to the sides.
  • Mobile sharebar in different themes
  • Social media share widgets.
  • Selected text sharebar with green theme selected.
  • Conditional display UI.
  • Administration page 1
  • Administration page 2
  • Setup wizard, page 1


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/wp-socializer directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings -> WP Socializer screen to configure the plugin


Why are the share buttons not aligned properly ?

Share buttons are aligned using CSS. This alignment can sometimes be disturbed by the active theme used. This can be corrected by CSS. Please refer this image for the list of CSS classes used by plugin to modify it or else please post your issue in the support forum I’ll try my best to give a quick CSS fix for the misalignment.

Share buttons are not displayed in the page !

Share buttons or other feature may be hidden if the option “Hide in all pages” option is selected in “Conditions to display” section. Please select “Show in all pages” option to display the buttons. If the buttons are still not displayed, please raise an issue in the Support forum.

How to disable a feature in specific page alone ?

WP Socializer has a feature called “conditional display” where a feature can be made to shown only at desired places by creating rules. Please look for the section “Conditions to display the template” under every feature page to add rules as per the requirement.

How to disable/hide share buttons in all pages ?

Please select “Hide in all pages” option under “conditions to display the template” section in all the templates to hide them being displayed. For other features like floating sharebar, follow bar, text sharebar and mobile sharebar can be hidden by “disabling” them from the top most section available at their respective pages.

How to add a custom share button which is not available already to the template ?

Custom share buttons can be added using the “Custom HTML” service. Paste your button generation script in the text box and use that custom HTML button in the template.

Please refer this page for the full list of FAQs.


13 Januari 2020
I was very impressed with the support, especially since within 24 hours of me asking, they had added Etsy at my request in an update. The plugin works as advertised, the support response was incredible and frankly, you can't ask much more than that. Very professional indeed!
3 Desember 2019
The plugin does a great job. Offers almost every social button that your site needs and doesn't ask for a "Pro" upgrade to add any particular button or Sticky layout. Quite feature-rich yet free and clean. Kudos to the developer for his work 🙂
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Log Perubahan


  • New: Added Etsy button for follow bar.
  • Fix: Sharebar and mobile sharebar are hidden by other elements on page sometimes.
  • Fix: Update to latest FontAwesome icons v5.12.0.
  • Fix: Minor admin UI fixes.


  • Fix: Mobile sharebar some link parameters not being resolved.
  • Fix: Text sharebar sometimes goes behind main content.
  • Fix: Title with special characters are not escaped correctly for text sharebar.
  • Fix: Quotes text is not passed correctly to certain social icons in text sharebar.
  • Fix: Admin page style issues with WordPress 5.3.
  • Fix: Added widgets link to admin navigation menu.
  • New: Added WhatsApp to text sharebar.


  • Fix: Improved the look of “floating sharebar” editor based on the sharebar type.
  • New: Added option to select floating sharebar position when in mobile mode.
  • New: Added support to execute shortcodes in “Custom HTML” button.


  • Fix: Setup templates with transparent background were not retained after button settings were saved.
  • Fix: Page title with hashtag was not forwarded properly to share sites.
  • New: Added support for Houzz.
  • Fix: Updated to latest FontAwesome icons v5.9.0.


  • Fix: Facebook share count is 0
  • New: Load both HTTP and HTTPS share count of the page.


  • Fix: Google Plus icon, buttons, social count removed.
  • Fix: Social icons advanced settings not applied properly.
  • Fix: Refine UI for social icon settings
  • Fix: Refine UI for location rules settings
  • New: Added post id selection sub category for post type location rule.
  • New: Added ID to class names for share buttons and template rows.


  • Fix: Twitter share button was not working.
  • Fix: Help text given to follow bar editing page.


  • Fix: Location rules template was not populated in PHP 7.3.
  • Fix: Line icon was incorrect for fontawesome 4.
  • Fix: Revert back to normal URL instead of short URL for twitter.
  • Fix: Couple of PHP notices for undefined keys are handled.
  • Fix: Updated to latest FontAwesome icons v5.7.2.


  • Fix: Updated LinkedIn share URL to latest.
  • Fix: Updated to latest FontAwesome icons v5.6.1.


  • New: Call/phone icon is added to follow bar.
  • Fix: Social icons settings does not save when UTF-8 characters were set as icon title.


  • Fix: Issue where social icons are not seen after upgrade to 4.0.
  • Fix: Old admin resources were loaded after upgrade.
  • New: Added support for UTF-8 characters in social icons and follow bar titles.


  • New: Brand new admin interface.
  • New: CSS resources are combined and optimized.
  • New: Support for font awesome 5 icons.
  • New: Weibo, Renren, Odnoklassniki, Line, Skype, Mix social icons added.
  • New: Custom colors can be selected for share icons.
  • New: Added new options for Floating sharebar, mobile sharebar
  • New: Enhanced existing developer APIs and added new filters.


  • Fix: Google plus widget does not work for pages.
  • Fix: Admin UI tweaks to ease the customization of options.


  • New: Twitch profile icon in social buttons.
  • New: Updated YouTube icon in social buttons.
  • Fix: Admin UI buttons alignment issue.


  • Fix: Follow bar & sharebar not displayed in some cases.


  • Fix: Remove PHP error logging
  • Fix: Sharebar & followbars were not displayed properly during page load.
  • Fix: Undefined index notice.
  • Fix: Minified JS was not used.


  • New: Setup wizard.
  • New: Added handmade 87 design templates selectable from admin page.
  • Fix: Lots and lots of tweaks to social icons, counter in terms of design and functionality.
  • Fix: Lots and lots of enhancement to admin UI to ease the usage.


  • New: Hide on mobile devices.
  • New: Minimize/Hide sharebars on smaller screens.
  • New: Support for post format conditional display.
  • New: Collapse button for follow bar.
  • New: Sharethis is upgraded to the latest version.
  • New: Widgets Admin settings page.
  • Fix: Home page/front page conditional location rules were not working.
  • Fix: Post image was not mentioned in Pinterest button.
  • Fix: Script tags will be removed sometimes while editing the Custom HTML button.
  • Fix: Added default hover setting to social buttons template.
  • Fix: Lots of admin UI tweaks and enhancements.


  • New: Import/export settings feature.
  • New: Language can now be selected for Facebook, Google plus and LinkedIn buttons.
  • Fix: Conditional display feature was not working in some cases.
  • Fix: Scrollbars weren’t displayed in popup window issue.
  • Fix: Enqueue script warning messages.
  • Fix: Deprecated buttons are removed in Sharethis service.
  • Fix: Follow bar aligment issue.


  • New: Plugin completely re-written from scratch
  • New: administration interface
  • New: Support for modern buttons, icons