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This plugin was developed out of pain as there is no such plugin yet available for WordPress or if available none of them works this way to log every single request that’s why i built this plugin to log all the WordPress request so we can find out spammer ip and the request url and data they are submitting, thus we can prevent spamming and fix the issue.

How it works?

Simply Install the plugin and change the Plugin settings according to your needs.
After you enabled the settings it will start logging all the request made to your WordPress website.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Settings Page


From WordPress dashboard

  1. Visit “Plugins > Add New”.
  2. Search for “WP Logger – Tenbulls”.
  3. Install and activate WP Logger plugin.

From WordPress.org site

  1. Download WP Logger plugin.
  2. Upload the “wp-logger” directory to your “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
  3. Activate WP Logger on your Plugins page.


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Log Perubahan


  • First version of WP Logger plugin.


  • Log Retention Bug Fixed