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3 Agustus 2019
wp fresdesk looks promising, but in my opinion it's a beta version. Not for production sites. Firstly did I install wp fresdesk successfully. I was able to connect my wp dashboard widget to the fresdesk helpdesk. The integration of wp fresdesk could be pimped up, since styling options were not available, but the shortcodes appeared working well in my admin area. After testing further my wp network had some conflicts. I noticed conflicts with the wp customizer who was not loading. Later on I disabled wp fresdesk, and that opperation locked me out of my admin panel, since wp freshdesk was causing a conflict with the wp-admin login page. Only when I forcefully removed wp freshdesk from the wp admin area, all was accessable again. I hope development and testing will be improved. No updates in the time of writing in 5 months.
31 Oktober 2016
In the past I gave a negative review, but I'm editing my review and adding a couple of stars now because one of the developers was quite helpful in her response. I hope when they update this plugin they'll add some screenshots and make it clearer that it only provides clickable links to user tickets, and that tickets aren't editable in the back-end. I see that they're working on a pro version that will allow this, so I'll watch out for that in the future.
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