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WP Chat button for Telegram Accounts


Telegram for WordPress allows your customers to open a conversation from your website directly to your Telegram account. This plugin includes a button, which will be automatically be the redirect them to your configured account in telegram.

Telegram is these days, the most popular instant messaging application in the world. Is available in more than 100
countries and supporting more than 50 languages.

This means most of our users use Telegram as their main contact method, and they probably have been using it for years. Therefore, offering easy access from our website is a good way to convert those visitors into customers.

Generating leads is the key to every business success, and the Telegram chat button can help you to increase your overall sales and reach this goal.

With the TELEGRAM chat button, your visitors will be allowed to send a message directly to your account. To start configuring it, you have to go to the Add new account menu inside the TELEGRAM Menu section that you can find in your admin dashboard.

Inside the Add Account page, you wil be able to add title, account username and configure button style like you can set button label, background color, text color and style “Round” or “Square”.

You can add multiple accounts through this plugin.


You can configure which accounts you want to display in all pages or except pages from Display settings under Floating Widget menu. You can configure this floting menu according to your need. you can change position of floating menu also enable for desktop or mobile from Design Tab.


Display Telegram click to chat button on WooCommerce single product pages.You can set button position for woocommerce product page from WooCommerce tab where 4 options are available also you can add particular account for display in product detail page.

You can configure your Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel account from Analytics tab in Setting menu.

Telegram button
Multiple Accounts
Telegram button and box colors,text colors
Add Avtar
Two button style
Show Hide button option for pages
Floating Options
WooCommerce support
4 layouts for WooCommerce Pages
Google Analytics support
Facebook Pixel support



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  • WP Chat button for Telegram Accounts


Upload the telegram for wordpress plugin to your blog and add new accounts in Telegram menu in admin dashboard.


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