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Workbox Nasdaq XML News Reader Plugin


Add NASDAQ investor relations website press releases and news for publicly traded companies to your WordPress website with this free plugin by Workbox.

Workbox developed this plugin for companies that are publicly traded and have an investor relations website with NASDAQ. Since IR press releases are hosted on NASDAQ’s servers, it is often a nuisance to add press release headlines to individual pages or posts, and keep them updated, on a company’s WordPress website. We have a solution!

This plugin gives you the ability to show press release headlines and dates for publicly-traded companies that have investor relations press releases hosted by NASDAQ on their IR websites. The text links to the content hosted by NASDAQ on its IR website for a specific company.


  • Dynamically creates a list of press releases hosted on NASDAQ’s IR website for a single stock ticker.
  • Headlines link to the corresponding IR press release hosted on the NASDAQ IR website.
  • Customize the design.
  • Customize the number of news items to appear in a feed.
  • Set how often the list is updated by controlling the caching period.
  • Mix your own news items in with the NASDAQ feed.
  • Use shortcodes and widgets to add the feed to your site.
  • Can be used within other plugins and should work for most themes.
  • You can add more than one feed to various pages or posts.

The content must be hosted by NASDAQ through its investor relations website service and accessible through its XML service.


Download and activate the plugin.

Tanya Jawab

Q: Why does the plugin not show the news? I did enter the USER ID.

A: Please check if your IP is whitelisted with NASDAQ.

Q: I have a news item that is for the same day as a NASDAQ IR press release, but I want it to appear above the press release in the list. Can I do that?

A: Yes, but it is kind of a kludge. Just edit the time of the news item so it occurs on the same day – but more recently in the day – than the NASDAQ IR press release.


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