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Click to Translate – bilingual dictionary plugin for WordPress


This plugin creates a button on your website which enables the reader to turn on a bilingual dictionary. Whenever the reader clicks on a word they will see instant translations to their language displayed neatly in a pop-up box on top of your content.

There are many learners of English who just need help with the occasional word and don’t want to translate the whole text to their language – which often results in numerous errors. This is why mouseover dictionary translation extensions have been so popular on the Chrome Browser. However, these great apps are often limited to support only Chrome and only its desktop version. Extensions are not available on mobile devices, yet most content is now consumed on mobile devices. This plugin will increase your engagement with non-native speakers on all browsers on all devices.

After installation you will have 1,000 calls per month to our API for free. The premium version increases this to 25,000 calls per month.


  • The only extension compatible with all browser types. No matter if they’re on mobile or on desktop, definitions are now instantly available to everyone, everywhere.
  • Fully optimised for mobile and desktop. On a desktop the button reads “click to translate” and on a mobile device it says “touch to translate” but the functionality is the same. The user can scroll down within the popup box for additional detail on each word and to see sample sentences.
  • Easy to install and easy to use. Just a few clicks and creating a user account for the API key will see this plugin operating on your website.
  • Our dictionaries are vast. We have created bilingual dictionaries by combining Wiktionary, Wikipedia and other creative commons sources to create one of the most up to date and comprehensive databases in the world. Depending on the language, our dictionaries have between 300,000 and 700,000 headwords and many headwords have multiple definitions.

Available languages

For those with an English language site, we support translations to these languages:
* Chinese (Simplified and Traditional),
* French,
* German,
* Portuguese,
* Japanese,
* Spanish,
* Vietnamese,
* and Russian.

For those with a Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French, Spanish, Vietnamese language site, we support translations to English at this stage.

We also have a monolingual English dictionary and are adding many more languages to the service as we go.

Tangkapan Layar

  • The button that appears on a blog page.
  • The pop-up button with the translation.
  • The place to fill in your access key created on the access tokens page.


  1. Go to,
  2. Create an account and login to the console,
  3. Create an access token under Access Tokens in the console,
  4. Under Security in the console fill in the domain you want to use the API on.
  5. Go back to WordPress,
  6. Copy the Access Token you have created in step 3 into the field that says ‘access token’.
  7. Done.


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Log Perubahan

v 2.1.1
(4 Oct 2022) Test up to WordPress 6.0.2

v 2.1
(10 Nov 2020) Update JavaScript and CSS version to v2.1

v 2.0
(10 Nov 2020) Update JavaScript and CSS version to v2.0

v 1.8
(11 Aug 2020) Update JavaScript and CSS version to v1.9
(11 Aug 2020) Fixed language selector UI overflow issue.

v 1.7
(23 Jun 2020) Update JavaScript and CSS version to v1.8
(23 Jun 2020) Make language selectors stick on top of look up panel.
(23 Jun 2020) Support single page application.

v 1.6
(02 March 2020) Update JavaScript and CSS version to v1.7

v 1.5
(14 February 2020) Add Vietnamese.
(14 February 2020) Add limiting language pair function.

v 1.4
(12 November 2019) Add disable function in post metabox.
(12 November 2019) Upgrade assets to v1.3.

v 1.3
(27 September 2019) Added French and Spanish to English translation.

v 1.2
(14 February 2019) Fixed selection when numbers is inside a line.
(14 February 2019) Remove to clean up the option’s data when the plugin is uninstalling.

v 1.1

(12 February 2019) Change to load assets from plugin folder.
(12 February 2019) Updated look up to support multiple English words selection.

v 1.0

(1 November 2018) First submit.
(5 November 2018) Solved issues from WordPress Plugin Review team.
(6 December 2018) Updated the readme file.
(14 January 2019) Updated the readme file.