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31 Maret 2021
1st step: Installation was quick and easy as expected. 2nd step: enable the up load function in product site, right column / under picture 3rd: check all upload setting. Result. Does not working. Nothing is shown....
7 Januari 2018
I downloaded the free one. I seen on the right side column the pro features. Decided to buy the pro version for 35Euro. Installed it and it did not do what was promised in the initial description of the free version. Deception comes when you believe it can do everything the solicitation reads on the free version. I was forced to buy the extension for another 35Euro. You guys are real wankers. Forced to buy two parts.
10 Oktober 2017
Though I'd give this a shot... an hour later uninstalled it. Couldn't get this to work. From the Installation instruction: Installed as per any other plugin... point 5. "Go to a product and select the “Enable” checkbox under “Upload Files” (normally below your product images)" Fine, found it in the Product Edit Page and Ticked it and Nothing... There is nowhere I can see where a visitor can upload a file. Looked for documentation and what I found was so far out of date it might have been written for a different plugin.
11 Mei 2017
I thought I paid for an unlimited license but it is just for One-year license. There was no descriptive information on the site. my license key is invalid now . i paid 35+15= 50 euro for file upload licenses.I’m thinking I cheated. Just stay away this plugin seller!!!
27 Desember 2016
This plugin does exactly what I need for it to do. The only reason why I did not give it a five star was because it only allows you to upload AFTER the checkout. I did understand this when I first decided to use this plugin... but when I tested it in Sandbox mode, thats when I realized how many extra steps it took to upload it afterwards versus being able to upload it during the check out process. Also, it took me a while to figure out where to find the document on my end. I read through the instructions but could not find where we should go to find the document the customer uploaded. I did eventually figure it out.
3 September 2016
Nothing Shows. while ordering, cart page, checkout page..... i think need updation.
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