WooCommerce Better Usability


Provides overall improvements of the user experience when buying products in a WooCommerce based store. The areas of that the improvements was included are: Shop, Product, Cart and Checkout.

Free version features:

  • Auto refresh the price totals on cart page when quantity changes using AJAX
  • Show “-” and “+” buttons around the quantity field
  • Show confirmation before user changes quantity to zero
  • Go to checkout directly instead of cart page (simplified buy process)
  • Allow to delete or change quantity on checkout page
  • Allow to change product quantity direct on shop page
  • Allow to add to cart AJAX on product page (like on shop)
  • Ability to override various default things of WooCommerce
  • Hide quantity fields on Product and Cart pages

Premium version features:

  • Synchronize products automatically with cart when change quantity view demo
  • Update price automatically in Product and Shop pages, like on cart view demo
  • Change product variations directly in Shop page, meaning less clicks to buy view demo
  • Synchronize with MiniCart widget from Shop or Product pages view demo
  • Make AJAX requests to delete product on checkout page, without full page reload view demo
  • Allow to change quantities in Mini-Cart widget view demo

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Tangkapan Layar

  • Add to cart on Shop
  • Cart configuration
  • Product configuration
  • Shop configuration


  1. Upload woo-better-usability.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. It’s done. Now you can go to the Settings to customize what you want


5 April 2020
This is the best solution on the market and the developer also solved the implementation to my custom (non-default structured) theme files meanwhile the weekend.
13 Juni 2019
This is "please add this to Woo core"-sort of stuff. Just blam, so many things done with the same plugin considering shop usability for the end user, in terms of conversion. This guy's gotta get a name for himself, if he hasn't already, I don't know. Let's make it happen.
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Log Perubahan


  • Added single_add_to_cart_button class for Add cart buttons in Shop
  • Added BlockUI loading effect on Checkout table when changing quantity
  • Allow to reduce quantity with minus button when preloaded exceeding the max limit
  • Improved quantity buttons support
  • Updated Tested up to tag


  • When product is sold individually, disable quantity buttons in single product page
  • Fixed some WooCommerce frontend event listeners


  • Using document instead document.body listeners that was causing issues with some themes
  • Fix incorrect translation domain for specific config
  • Compatibility with Saasland theme buttons
  • Define more global quantity event listener for different cart theme layouts
  • Fixed missing hook call to display -/+ buttons in single product page when using selects
  • Added option: Display quantity buttons everywhere, simplified buttons display config


  • Cleaning unused source code
  • Changed plus and minus buttons display to be more standard (using woo *_quantity_input_field hooks)
  • Removing Fix layout break when Enter key is pressed config to use wbu_fix_cart_enter_key filter instead


  • Fixing bug in lib that was displaying unwanted admin notices
  • Updated WooCommerce tested tag


  • Fixed text domain to allow plugin string translation
  • Reduced and removed unnecessary frontend variables to reduce page size load
  • Removing minified asset wbulite.min.js for better coding standards and debug


  • Fixed flatsome duplicating add to cart section issue in shop page
  • Updated WooCommerce and WordPress tested tag


  • Removing deprecated PHP short_open_tag blocks
  • Supporting for decimal quantity increment and decrement buttons


  • Optimized Hide View cart link after add product config to not blink after add
  • Added per product limit compatibility with BeRocket Min and Max Quantity for WooCommerce plugin


  • Reversed changelog ordering to make it more standard
  • Changed plugin notices to respect the guidelines
  • Standardization of custom plugin templates overriding in theme
  • Added filter wbu_bypass_shop_quantity_override to avoid templae override quantity html area in Shop
  • Fixed View cart link after add product option to work with Greenmart theme


  • Added custom theme template overriding similar to WooCommerce
  • Removed listener for minus and plus buttons because it causing trouble with many themes


  • Fixed Divi theme child compatibility in increase/decrease buttons
  • Fixed Porto theme issues with duplicated quantity buttons
  • Prevent page reload in specific cases after change quantity in shop
  • Added listener for minus and plus buttons used in most themes
  • Compatibility with BeRocket Ajax Products Filter plugin
  • Avoid double quantity increment when using Astra theme
  • Refresh minicart totals when change quantity in checkout


  • Fixed divi theme child quantity on shop display
  • Added wp 5.4 tested up to tag
  • The option to transform Add to Cart into AJAX in Product is now generic for all pages


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 4.0.1


  • Respect max stock quantities when using select input for quantities
  • Fixed bug that not displaying select input in Cart in some conditions


  • Fixed checkout max input quantity validation


  • Added compatibility support with WooCommerce 3.8.1
  • Fixed Undefined Index error in Shop page


  • Added support for modified remove link zero quantity check
  • Added support for Woo Gutenberg Products Block plugin


  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Removing -/+ buttons when product is sold individually


  • Fixed blockUI to hide when finish Custom AJAX callback
  • Added AJAX timeout for quantity change refresh
  • Updated WC tested up to tag


  • Changed the cart overlay behavior in Custom AJAX mode to use the default of WooCommerce


  • Fix and optimize some mess in JS code and removing loops
  • Fix issue in Related products not showing quantity input for first product


  • Enqueue assets in all pages for better compatibility with custom pages
  • Reduced is shop loop detection checks to better compatibility with Elementor and relateds
  • Added overlay when AJAX refreshing cart using Run Custom AJAX method
  • Removed option Don't apply this option to front page (use wbu_enable_quantity_input filter instead)
  • Removed option Always enqueue assets for better compatibility
  • Removed option Optimize to make Cart work better when embebed in other pages