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Woo Add Empty Cart


This plugin will allow you to include empty cart button in cart page for Woocommerce. You can choose where to display the empty cart button.

Instruction to display “empty cart” button in the cart page.

  1. Go to Wooommerce > Settings.
  2. In the General tab under General options, you will see the empty cart option.
  3. Check the appropriate choice. If you want to display empty cart button before and after cart table, just check the both checkbox.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Back-end of Woo Add Empty Cart
  • Show empty cart button in both position
  • Show empty cart button after cart table
  • Show empty cart button before cart table. Sabah!


  1. Download the Woocommerce Add Empty Cart plugin file
  2. Unzip the file into a folder to your computer
  3. Upload the /woo-add-empty-cart/ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your site
  4. Visit the plugins page in WordPress Admin to activate the “Woo Add Empty Cart Button” plugin

Tanya Jawab

  1. Does the plugin will have an updated version soon?
    • Yes, definitely. Will try to add more features like support any language.
  2. Will this work with the latest Woocommerce?
    • Yes, of course.
  3. What version of WordPress compatible?
    • Up to 4.4.2.


11 Mei 2019
Just installed today, I cannot find a newer one or updated, however, it is working for me latest WP, Woocommerce and Storefront theme. YAY! (Why isn't this a standard feature in cart?)
3 September 2016
Performs the function it is named for and does it well. Couldn't ask for anything else. Great time saver.
Baca semua 4 ulasan

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  • old version.


  • Added screenshots.


  • New Features: Empty cart can display before and after cart. This feature request by WordPress username frandeassisba
  • Stable and working version.