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WholesaleX – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin (Wholesale Prices, Dynamic Pricing, Tiered Pricing)

WholesaleX – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin (Wholesale Prices, Dynamic Pricing, Tiered Pricing)


WholesaleX – The Simplest WooCommerce B2B Solution to Start Wholesaling with wholesale prices, discounts, and dynamic pricing.

WholesaleX is the most complete WooCommerce wholesale plugin to create and manage B2B or B2B+B2C hybrid stores in WooCommerce. This Wholesale plugin lets you add simple wholesale pricing or tiered pricing to complex dynamic pricing & wholesale discount rules, all in a simpler way. So that is why it is known as the simplest WooCommerce B2B Solution.

WholesaleX has all the required features that an ideal WooCommerce B2B store should have. So that you don’t have to look for other solutions.

Hear what reputed WordPress influencer and popular Plugins reviewer David Garray aka “Mr. Web,” has to say about WholesaleX.

👉 Learn More about WholesaleX (Pro): All Features of WholesaleX

👉 Try WholesaleX Pro Demo for Free: Try Demo Now

👉 Check out the Dynamic Rule Feature – The simplest way to manage complex wholesale pricing & discount rules globally.

👉 Want to learn how it works? – Check out detailed Documentation.

👉 Want to see WholesaleX in action? – Check out short video tutorials.

WholesaleX is already getting so much love and positive feedback within a short period.

👏 “As an avid user of Woo commerce for my website, I recently incorporated the Wholesale X on my website, and I must say it has been a game-changer. WholesaleX is a robust and feature-rich b2b solution that seamlessly integrates with all my requirements, allowing me to create and manage my b2b clients with ease. On the top of it the customer support by Ton and the team is super helpful. their support is the main advantage!! must recommend this plugin… Azam Sidd”

👏 “WholesaleX is an exceptional plugin that provides a complete solution for anyone looking to start a wholesale business or manage B2B and B2B+B2C hybrid stores in WooCommerce. It is user-friendly, packed with features, and offers excellent value for money. If you’re looking to take your wholesale business to the next level, WholesaleX is definitely worth considering.”

👏 “It has practically all the functions I need, and all of them are very complete.

I already left suggestions for interesting additions to the plugin and they responded positively. The plugin is in constant development and with each update, it gets even better.

Thanks to the developers!”

WholesaleX is the perfect WooCommerce wholesale plugin for adding wholesale prices, discounts, and more. Discover the exclusive features of WholesaleX to create your wholesale strategy today!

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Dynamic Rules for Wholesale Pricing and Discounts

WholesaleX – the best wholesale plugin comes with a one-stop solution to set complex wholesale pricing & wholesale discounts or quantity-based tiered pricing based on all essential criteria. So, you can offer exclusive discounts on specific products, products of specific categories, or all products simultaneously. You can do the following opportunities with the dynamic pricing rule feature.

  • Product Discount / Wholesale Pricing and Discount
  • Quantity-Based Pricing / WooCommerce Tiered Pricing
  • User Role Based Pricing
  • Cart Discount
  • Buy X Get 1 for Free (Bogo Discount)
  • Buy X, Get Y for Free
  • Payment Method-Based Discount
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Maximum Order Quantity

WooCommerce Wholesale User Roles

Want to manage your B2B users effectively? WholesaleX allows you to create as many wholesale user roles as you want to assign multiple users to the roles to facilitate them with offerings and restrict them with conditions.

WooCommerce Wholesale Registration Form Builder

WholesaleX also lets you create a custom registration form with desired custom fields. So that you can make a separate registration & login page for the B2B users, and once someone completes registration, you can assign them to desired user roles automatically or manually.

WooCommerce Wholesale Bulk Order Form

The Bulk Bulk Order Form feature allows you to create a wholesale area exclusively for B2B users. So, wholesale customers can order products in bulk or create & save purchase lists to order them later. The bulk order form can be enabled on the customer’s “My Account Page,” or you can also create a separate bulk order page via shortcode.

Private Store and WooCommerce Product Visibility Control

WholesaleX also allows you to hide your Wholesale store from guests and B2C users like an ideal WooCommerce Private store plugin. Either you can completely hide your entire store, or you can also hide the prices and encourage potential B2B users with the login message to view prices.


Want to stay connected with the users? Guess what? WholesaleX has a built-in conversation system that can be added to the customer’s “My Account Page.” So they can send general queries to start communicating with the site’s admin.

WooCommerce Request a Quote

WooCommerce Request a Quote is an exciting feature of the built-in conversation system of WholesaleX. So when the customers add any products to the cart, they will see a “Request a Quote” button. And when the potential customer sends any quote request, the store admin can negotiate with the buyer by sending a custom offer.

WholesaleX Wallet

WholesaleX also has a digital wallet system that can be used as a payment method. Customers can add funds to their wallets and then use them while purchasing products from your store. And as a store admin can also manually add funds to any registered customer’s wallet.


This feature allows the registered B2B customer to create subaccounts. So the subaccounts holder can place orders on behalf of the main account holder. The main account holder provides desired permission to subaccount holders to control what they can do and what they cannot.


WholesaleX comes with ready email templates for various purposes. You can replace the default text as per your requirements. You can also customize the email templates using YayMail. They have a dedicated integration addon for WholesaleX.
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Developed by WPXPO. Contribute to WholesaleX on Bitbucket and join the party.

📗 Translations

WholesaleX plugin is compatible with WPML Plugin and also it works perfectly with loco translate plugin.
You can Translate WholesaleX on translate.wordpress.org.

Tangkapan Layar

  • WholesaleX Dashboard
  • User Roles
  • Dynamic Rules Builder
  • Registration Form Builder
  • Product Single Rules
  • Product Single Frontend


Plugin ini menyediakan 2 blok.

  • Form
  • Forms


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 5.0.0 or greater
  • PHP version 7.3 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.6 or greater

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t even need to leave your web browser.

  1. Go to your WordPress Plugin installation menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Add New)
  2. In the search field type “WholesaleX” and press enter.
  3. “Install Now” and then click “Active”

Manual installation

For Manual installation, you download our product from WordPress directory uploading it to your web-server via your FTP or CPanel application.

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it
  2. Using an FTP program or CPanel upload the unzipped plugin folder to your WordPress installation’s wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu (Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins) within the WordPress admin.


Automatic update working great for this plugin. If you customize the plugin make sure to store a backup before update.

Sometimes because of the permalink issue during the plugin update, just go to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Tanya Jawab

Can I Add WholesaleX To An Existing B2C Site?

Yes, you can easily add WholesaleX to your existing B2C site if you are running a WooCommerce store. Adding WholesaleX to your wholesale B2B website will not affect existing users in any way making it the best WooCommerce B2B plugin. And it will help you with any wholesale product to sell efficiently.

Is WholesaleX Only a B2B Plugin?

You can create a B2B, B2C, or B2B+B2C hybrid store using WholesaleX for WooCommerce. Unlock the potential of your business with a complete B2B solution.

Can I Hide Wholesale Prices for Guest Users?

Yes, you can easily hide WooCommerce wholesale prices from guest users by enabling the login to view prices option. One of many features of WholesaleX, the easiest WooCommerce wholesale plugin. You can also create a wholesale price list with dynamic rules.

Can I Set User-based Pricing?

Yes, you can easily set user-based pricing for wholesale users or groups with the dynamic rule feature. Helpful feature for most B2B wholesalers. Make the best B2B wholesale pricing strategies with WholesaleX.

Can I Set a Minimum Order Quantity?

Yes, WholesaleX lets you add the WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities with its dynamic rule feature. You can set not only a minimum quantity order but also a maximum order quantity. Setting a wholesale minimum order quantity or MOQ wholesale has never been easy.

Does This Plugin Work on WooCommerce for B2B?

Yes, the WholesaleX plugin is carefully crafted for WooCommerce b2b stores. And it is one of the best plugins to control wholesale cost. Create a wholesale website with WholesaleX.

How to Price Bulk Orders?

There are multiple ways to set a bulk order price. For example: multiplying the cost of goods by two to ensure a minimum 50% profit margin can be a good head start.

How to Set Wholesale Prices?

You can use the dynamic pricing feature of WholesaleX, and set wholesale prices as a B2B wholesaler in your store. Setting wholesale price and creating them was never easy. Create your wholesale strategies now and get your wholesale products to sell easier.

Is Wholesalex Compatible With Other B2B Plugins?

WholesaleX is a complete solution that is easy to use and very intuitive to understand wholesale WooCommerce plugin, and it is compatible with wholesale suite, B2Bking, wholesale for WooCommerce and more.

Learn more about WholesaleX and its FAQs.


26 April 2024
Lots of features and works well. Support is very good, always happy to help. Keep up the great work.
22 April 2024
The support team was extremely helpful and professional throughout the process, after purchasing the plugin they helped us with all needed fixes by us in timely fashion!
19 April 2024
This is probably one of the better Wholesale plugins. It has a few issue’s but the support team are amazing at fixing bugs and responding to the quirks present in the plugin. Well done!
29 Januari 2024
WholesaleX does everything I was looking for in order to expand our shop sales towards B2C and B2B. The plugin is a breeze to set up and is easily configurable. I contacted the support for some questions (before the actual purchase) and the customer service is really unmatched. Very fast and useful feedback!
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“WholesaleX – WooCommerce Wholesale Plugin (Wholesale Prices, Dynamic Pricing, Tiered Pricing)” adalah perangkat lunak open source. Berikut ini mereka yang sudah berkontribusi pada plugin ini.


Log Perubahan

1.4.9 – 26 June 2024

  • Update: Registration Form Set Default Field and Condition Updated
  • Fix: Inventory Quantity Update Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Form B2B Select All Role Getting Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Flatsome Theme Mini Cart Compatibility Issue Fixed

1.4.8 – 12 June 2024

  • New: Terms and Condition In Registration Builder Feature Added
  • Update: Show Product Wise Wholesale Role in Variable is Updated
  • Update: Show Short code Within the Input Box is Updated
  • Fix: User Roles and Log In Form Translation Issue Fixed

1.4.7 – 05 June 2024

  • New: Allow to Full Access of WholesaleX to the Shop Manager Feature Added
  • Update: Registration Form Username Field Mandatory If WooCommerce Settings Disable Warning Added
  • Fix: Registration Form Exclude For Roles Is Not Working for Required In Billing Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Dashboard Broken In RTL Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Conditional Discount Offers Translation Issue Fixed

1.4.6 – 03 June 2024

  • New: Profile Data Update Email Notification Features Added
  • New: Allow Tax To Cart Total Amount Condition Feature Added
  • Update: Default Wholesale Price Showing Level Updated
  • Fix: Sale price Hide Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Form Redirect Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Quantity Based Discount Parent Child Combination Issue Fixed

1.4.5 – 16 May 2024

  • New: Export Specific Users With Filter
  • Update: Show Users ID In User Page
  • Fix: Variation Zero Price Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Disable Minimum Order Quantity on Shop & Product Page Issue Fixed

1.4.4 – 14 May 2024

  • New: Shop & Product Page Disabled Quantity Condition Added In Minimum Order Quantity
  • Update: Setup Wizard Updated
  • Fix: WordPress 6.5 Compatibility Added

1.4.3 – 09 May 2024

  • Fix: Variation Wholesale Price Showing Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Sale Badge Not Showing in Variable Product Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Variable Cart Item Getting Zero Price Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Tax Not Showing In Variation Product Issue Fixed
  • Fix: WooCommerce Subscription Plugin Price Compatibility Issue Fixed
  • Fix: User Import Infinity Loading Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Product Same Price Repeated In Shop Page Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Checkout Extra Field Required Setting Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Form Field Naming Conventions Issue Fixed
  • Fix: SubAccount Only Required Specific Field Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Discount Price Range Showing For Specific Variation Product Issue Fixed

1.4.2 – 21 April 2024

  • New: Product Search with SKU in Dynamic Rule
  • Fix: Price without Vat Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Tax Exemption for specific User & Profile Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Product Variation on Single Page Not Showing Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Form Style 8 Placeholder Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Redirect After Log In Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Tax Not Showing in Shop & Single Page Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Email Template User Profile Link Not Working Issue Fixed

1.4.1 – 04 April 2024

  • Fix: Email Smart Tag Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Log In to View Price Issue Fixed

1.4.0 – 02 April 2024

  • New: Dynamic Rule Product Page Promotions Popup/Notice Added
  • Update: Dynamic Rules Restructure and Speed Optimize
  • Fix: Email Design & Save Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Registration Form Confirm Password Issue Fixed

1.3.6 – 20 March 2024

  • Fix: Product Variations Wholesale Price Empty Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Variations B2B Stock Empty Issue Fixed

1.3.5 – 17 March 2024

  • Fix: B2B Stock Management Error On Dokan Multi Vendor Issue Fixed
  • Fix: User Profile Payment Method Override Not Working Issue Fixed

1.3.4 – 10 March 2024

  • Fix: Some data escaping and nonce validation issue fixed

1.3.3 – 8 March 2024

  • Fix: Email Confirmation Security Issue Fixed

1.3.2 – 27 February 2024

  • New: Rolewise Override User Status, Redirect URL after Logged In and Logged Out Settings Added
  • New: Forget Password URL Added on WholesaleX Login Form
  • Update: Country Based Tax Exemption Added on Tax Rule
  • Fix: Rolewise Fields Dropdown Not Working on WooCommerce Registration Form
  • Fix: Disable Product Variation Price Visibility Issue
  • Fix: Translation Issue
  • Fix: WP Ajax Capability Check Added

1.3.1 – 11 February 2024

  • Fix: Breakdance Builder Compatibility Issue With WholesaleX Form
  • Fix: Single Product Tier Layout Inherit Global Settings Layout

1.3.0 – 6 February 2024

  • New: Registration Form Builder Updated
  • Update: Variable Product Show Min/Max Price Instead of Range
  • Fix: BOGO Discount Dynamic Rule Tax Calculation Updated

1.2.20 – 29 January 2024

  • New: Quick Support Page Added
  • Update: Cart Discount, Min Order Quantity, Max Order Quantity, Buy X Get Y, Payment Discount, Extra Charge Dynamic Rule Compatibility Added with Woocommerce Cart and Checkout Block
  • Fix: Product Variation Dynamic Rule Error Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Payment Gateway Not Found On User Profile, Dynamic Rule Search Issue Fixed

1.2.19 – 4 January 2024

  • Update: Override Rolewise Payment Method on User Profile
  • Fix: YayCurrency Conflict with WholesaleX on Cart Price Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Email and Registration Form Translation Issue Fixed

1.2.18 – 6 December 2023

  • New: B2B Stock Management Added

1.2.17 – 29 November 2023

  • New: Bulk Users Wholesale Role Change Action Added on WholesaleX Users Page.
  • New: Wholesale Role Filter Added on WholesaleX Users Page.
  • Fix: Email Template Toggle switch Not Working on WholesaleX Emails Page Issue Fixed.

1.2.16 – 16 November 2023

  • Fix: Rolewise Base price conflict with Additional Product Field For WooCommerce Plugin Issue Fixed.
  • Update: Banner Update

1.2.14 – 19 November 2023

  • New: Request A Quote New Email Template Added
  • Fix: WooCommerce Schedule Sale Price Visibility Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Moved the position of wholesalex custom field on the checkout page from “after the shipping fields” to “after the billing fields”

1.2.13 – 13 November 2023

  • New: Variable Product Variation Bulk Action added for Rolewise Base and Sale Price
  • New: Login to See Price Login URL field added on Setting
  • Fix: WholesaleX Users Delete Action Not Working Issue Fixed

1.2.12 – 04 October 2023

  • Fix: Data Validation and Sanitize Issue Fixed

1.2.11 – 01 October 2023

  • Fix: Compatibility Added with WooCommerce Custom Product Addon Plugin
  • New: WCFM WooCommerce B2B MultiVendor Marketplace Solution Integration Added

1.2.10 – 13 September 2023

  • New: Password strength meter added on the WholesaleX registration form to help users create secure passwords.
  • New: An Alert added for logged-in users who try to register using the WholesaleX registration form.
  • New: Enabled multiple recipients for new user approval requires email.
  • New: New fields on the registration form builder are automatically enabled for registration.
  • Fix: Empty default fields on the registration form builder issue fixed.

1.2.9 – 31 August 2023

  • New: Dynamic Rule and User Role Import Export Added

1.2.8 – 28 August 2023

  • New: Dokan WooCommerce B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace Solution Integration Added
  • Fix: New field not being enabled for registration form in the Registration Form Builder Issue Fixed

1.2.7 – 25 August 2023

  • Fix: User Profile WholesaleX Section Continuous Loading Issue Fixed

1.2.6 – 23 August 2023

  • Fix: CURCY – Multi Currency for WooCommerce Conflict with Wholesale Price on Cart Page Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Wholesale Price Not Working on Category Page Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Translation Source Not Found Issue Fixed

1.2.5 – 14 August 2023

  • Fix: Minimum Product Quantity Dynamic Rules Caching Issue Fixed
  • Update: Dashboard Banner Update

1.2.4 – 6 August 2023

  • New: Added Ajax Search functionality to multiple select fields in Dynamic Rules and User Profile.
  • New: Added Private Store url check without query param.
  • New: Added Login to view prices redirect back to referrer page.
  • Fix: Fixed WholesaleX Settings caching issue.
  • Fix: Fixed Discount Priority List Error.
  • Fix: Fixed User Verified Email Not Working Issue.
  • Fix: Fixed Minimum Order Quantity Dynamic Rule Not Working.

1.2.3 – 18 July 2023

  • Update: WholesaleX Email Templates Sync With WooCommerce Emails
  • Fix: WholesaleX Price Suffix Not Working Issue Fixed

1.2.2 – 13 July 2023

  • Fix: WholesaleX Overview Page Date Fatal Error Issue Fixed

1.2.1 – 13 July 2023

  • Fix: Email Template Broken Issue Fixed
  • Fix: WholesaleX User Search Not Working Issue Fixed

1.2.0 – 12 July 2023

  • Update: Backend UI Update
  • New: Move Dynamic Tax Rule, Shipping Rule, Buy X Get One, Payment Order Quantity, Payment Discount, Minimum Order Quantity Rule into Free
  • New: Exclude URLs(Whitelist URLs for Private Store) Field added on Settings.
  • New: WholesaleX Email Inherit WooCommerce Email Header and Footer

1.1.10 – 14 June 2023

  • Update: Banner Update
  • Update: Admin Approval Require Restriction Remove For WooCommerce Registration Form Users
  • New: Registration Form Shortcode Added For All B2B Roles
  • Fix: Wholesale Price Not Working with PPOM Plugin Issue Fixed

1.1.9 – 31 May 2023

  • Update: WholesaleX Customer Import Export Updated
  • New: WholesaleX Users Filter By WholesaleX Role Option Added

1.1.8 – 22 May 2023

  • New: WholesaleX Free Shipping Label Change Setting Added
  • Update: Banner Update

1.1.7 – 18 May 2023

  • New: WholesaleX Customer Import and Exporter
  • Fix: PPOM Plugin Custom Price Not Working with wholesalex

1.1.6 – 11 May 2023

  • New: Setting Added for disable WooCommerce New User Registration Email For Wholesale User
  • Fix: reCaptcha Addon Error on WholesaleX Registration Form Issue Fixed.
  • Fix: WholesaleX Pending User Does not receive email Issue fixed.

1.1.5 – 10 April 2023

  • New: WholesaleX Single Product Rolewise Price Integration Added With WooCommerce Export Importer
  • Fix: Rolewise Base Price not working on simple product Issue Fixed.
  • Fix: Dynamic Pricing Not Applied on Ajax Based Grid/Quick View Issue Fixed.

1.1.4 – 30 April 2023

  • Fix: Duplicate Price Visible (Without any rule) on Frontend Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Dynamic Rule Product In List and Product Not In List Filter Not Working on Variable Product Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Rolewise Multiple Product Variation Price Not Save at a time Issue Fixed

1.1.3 – 17 April 2023

  • Update: Banner Updated

1.1.2 – 5 April 2023

  • New: Go Pro Link and Submenu Page Added
  • Fix: Update User Profile, Reset WholesaleX Role Issue Fixed
  • Fix: Banner Broken Issue Fixed

1.1.1 – 27 March 2023

  • Update: Link and Pricing Plan Updated

1.1.0 – 22 March 2023

  • New: Initial Setup Wizard Added

1.0.10 – 13 March 2023

  • New: Create price tiers from the product,category and user profile pages
  • New: Get Pro Modal Added
  • Fix: Minicart Price Excluding Tax Issue Fixed
  • Fix: WholesaleX Role and Status filter not working on Users Page
  • Fix: Typography Issue Fixed on Dashboard and Registration Form Builder

See changelog for all versions.