Morning for WooCommerce


Morning add-on (Green Invoice) for Woocommerce enables a quick, easy, and convenient connection between morning’s business management system and your digital store. The connection delivers two highly important actions in one add-on: acquiring and receiving payment by credit, and automatic invoicing for each transaction.

About Us

Morning (Green Invoice) is Israel’s leading business management platform. Our system offers diverse convenient, user-friendly digital tools that help you better understand your business, turning administrative tasks that feel complex into fun, simple ones.
For example: production of invoices, documents and financial reports, smart expense management, credit acquiring, E-commerce, automation vis-à-vis the CPA, interface with add-ons and external systems, and more. In addition, morning offers rich, diverse content including a magazine, guides, a podcast, and a supportive community, that together create a comprehensive, rich ecosystem for freelancers.

Important to Know

Morning (Green Invoice) operates in Israel and in Hebrew only.

Tangkapan Layar


First, please note that add-on activation is open for morning subscribers on the Popular track (and above), with an active acquiring add-on: Meshulam/Isracard (fixed monthly cost + clearing fees) or Paypal (free) on your morning account.

Connect to the WooCommerce add-on through the add-on section. In add-on settings, choose the desired payment options. Finally, copy the add-on key.

In WordPress

  1. Install the morning add-on for WooCommerce from the add-on database.
  2. To activate, access the add-on settings and enter the key information received from the morning account.
  3. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Payments; use the Toggle buttons to activate the payment methods (credit acquiring/PayPal/bit) that the customer views during checkout.

Tanya Jawab

What is morning?

Morning (Green Invoice) is a business management system that truly understands freelancers’ needs. With morning, you can generate invoices in seconds, manage revenues and expenses, receive payment from customers and create reports with many vital tools that help your business grow and make its management a great experience.

Do you need to open a morning account?

Yes. To use the add-on, you need to open a morning (Green Invoice) account on Popular track (or above), connect to one of the acquiring add-ons, then add the WooCommerce add-on.

Is the system registered with the Tax Authority?

Sure. Morning (Green Invoice) is registered with the Tax Authority. Generated invoices are signed with a secure digital signature.

Can I cancel a transaction?

Of course. The transaction can be canceled manually both on WooCommerce and in the morning (Green Invoice) system.

Can I design an invoice to suit my business?

That’s fun! You can choose between 12 different design templates and adjust their coloring. Template selection is done through your morning account (Green Invoice) in the settings menu.


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Log Perubahan


[FEATURE] Added compatibility with the latest WooCommerce version.
[BUGFIX] Fixed order status changes after purchase.


[FEATURE] Added support for WPML and Polylang.
[FEATURE] Added the ability to change order status to “completed” instead or “processing”.
[BUGFIX] Fixed credit card gateway issue upon returning to cart without error.


[BUGFIX] Fixed Bit back button functionality.
[BUGFIX] Added credit card loader for Meshulam.


[FEATURE] Added support for WooCommerce 5.*.
[BUGFIX] Added default country if country field is missing.


[FEATURE] Added the options to activate and choose installments.
[FEATURE] Added the ability to pay via Bit.


[BUGFIX] Fixed domain path issue.


[BUGFIX] Ignore shipping if there isn’t any.
[BUGFIX] Better handling of tax value.


First version!