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USMS-GH WooCommerce SMS Notification


Extend your WooCommerce store capabilities and create new opportunities for your business with
USMS-GH WooCommerce SMS Notifications for WooCommerce module – the new generation SMS plugin for WooCommerce.

USMS-GH WooCommerce SMS Notifications for WooCommerce enables businesses to send messages and reach their customers in over 200 countries and regions all around the world.

Shopping online and waiting for goods to be delivered can be an exciting process. As a seller, you can enhance your buyers’ experiences by keeping them updated on the purchases and delivery. At the same time, keep seller yourself updated on each new order placed.

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Subscript to any of our affordable pricing plans, and start making your buyers feel at ease while waiting for their orders.

* Notify seller whenever a new order is placed.
* Inform buyer the current order status / whenever order status is changed.
* All WooCommerce order statuses are supported.
* SMS content can be customized for different order status.
* These tags are supported to customize message: [shop_name], [order_id], [order_amount], [order_status], [order_product], [payment_method], [bank_details], [billing_first_name], [billing_last_name], [billing_phone], [billing_email], [billing_company], [billing_address], [billing_country], [billing_city], [billing_state], [billing_postcode]
* Custom checkout field added from Woo Checkout Field Editor Pro is supported.
* Notify vendor whenever there’s new order
* Notify vendor when sub order status changed

Supported Third Party Multivendor Plugin:


Tangkapan Layar

  • USMS-GH Settings
  • Admin Settings
  • Customer Settings
  • Multivendor Settings


  1. Search for “USMS-GH WooCommerce SMS Notification Order SMS Notification for WooCommerce” in “Add Plugin” page and activate it.

  2. Configure the settings in Settings > USMS-GH Settings.

  3. Enjoy using our super efficient plugin.


26 Februari 2022
Nice and easy Woocommerce SMS notifications plugin. Only wish it was for Twilio or other global SMS API though.
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