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UPC/EAN Code Generator


Generate UPC/EAN codes for your WooCommerce products.

This free plugin allows to generate UPC or EAN codes for your products.

For code generation plugin creates new custom field for each product, so it won’t overwrite any your current codes like SKU.

In plugin settings you will find only one dropdown – the type of code you need “UPC-A” or “EAN-13”:

UPC-A very popular in USA and contains 12 digits.
EAN-13 very popular in Europe and contains 13 digits.

After you selected required code type, save the settings and then press “Generate codes” button. In opened popup you will see progress how much products were processed. As soon as codes are generated you can close the window and check your products.

On product page (near newly UPC/EAN field) you will find “Regenerate” button which you can use to generate new code for this specific product.

Generated codes are valid (have correct the last checkum digit) and ready for using in barcode generation tools.

Contact UKR Solution team if you have any questions.

Tangkapan Layar

  • Newly created EAN/UPC field for products
  • Plugin settings
  • EAN-13 code generation process

Tanya Jawab

Can codes be used for barcodes ?

Yes, you can use UPC/EAN codes to create barcodes. However you will need to find a separate plugin for barcode image generation from our field. Try to search something like “Barcode Generator” or “Print Barcode Labels” plugins.

Plugins creates codes for variations too ?

Yes, each variation will have its own UPC or EAN field. Field will be created as soon as plugin is installed.
You can find this field empty if you didn’t start “code generation” process yet.

Are generated codes real/valid ?

Generated codes are valid (have correct checksum digit), however some warehouses and shipping centers may request non-free UPC/EAN codes, for more information please contact us


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