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Uji Countdown


Uji Countdown allows you to display a countdown on your post or page. The easiest way to place your full customizable HTML5 Countdown Timer.

List of features:

  • NEW: Recurring Timer
  • NEW: Email Subscription
  • NEW: Subscription List CSV export
  • HTML5: No flash, only javascript!
  • Customize of colors for text and background
  • Customize boxes color
  • Enable animation
  • Server Time or User Time option
  • Set the texts for date, time
  • Create unlimited styles
  • Simple using shortcode
  • Multilanguage support for date
  • Add countdown timers from Widgets area
  • Translate Labels in your Language
  • Redirect to URL option after expiry
  • Hide option after expiry
  • Responsive (Pro/Premium version)
  • Multiple Timers in Post/Page/Widgets (Pro/Premium version)

Demo Site

Please feel free to visit our demo site where you can view some demo styles of Uji Countdown.

Plugin’s Official Site
Uji Countdown


  1. Upload the uji-countdown folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Uji Countdown plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create your new Countdown style in Settings/Countdown
  4. Place your Countdown in Post/Page via Edit: Post or Page


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the uji-countdown folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Uji Countdown plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Create your new Countdown style in Settings/Countdown
  4. Place your Countdown in Post/Page via Edit: Post or Page


11 Mei 2018
Does not work on a multi-site. Searched support and found a topic, however, it had several responses indicating the same problem with multiple users with no solution and the thread now closed. Don't bother with it, it's a waste of time.
15 Februari 2018
Timer though a good idea and would have saved me time coding my own is very buggy with load issues. Using the Pro version for multiple sites/timers per page and using more than one timer per page causes load issues where the timers appear less than 40% of the time leaving blank spaces where they should be the remaining time. If a single timer per page fails all timers fail. Using one per page appears to have better loading success but still not even close to 100%. No responses after a week from their own website contact form or the support forum here.
9 Februari 2018
Unfortunately its not worth wasting your money on the Premium version as it has to be refreshed in the browser window each time to work otherwise you get a blank space. The free version works better so stick with that one. I've tried to contact the suppler who promise 1 year of support £20, but they don't bother to get back to you. The plugin would be quite good if it work properly. 🙁
22 Januari 2018
We were looking for precisely this customizable countdown timer, not a million bells and whistles in a bloated plugin. A perfect fit for our group.
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Log Perubahan


  • Fixed no style issue when no style created
  • Updated Google font list
  • Compatibility with WP 4.8.2
  • Other bug fixes


  • Fixed Secured from XSS vulnerability with admin logged credentials (Thanks to Yorick)
  • Fixed Google font link issue
  • Fixed widget compatibility with PHP7+


  • Fixed datapicker arrows to switch month
  • Fixed https URL redirection


  • Minor bug fixes
  • Uninstall multisite


  • NEW: Recurring Time
  • Fixed shortcodes issue. NEW tinymce 4.x shortcodes generator.
  • Fixed URL redirection after expiry


  • NEW: Email Subscription
  • Visitors have now the option to subscribe using the email subscription form
  • You can create unlimited Campaigns


  • Fixed activation error conflict
  • Fixed server time instead of user local time
  • NEW: Option to show timer based on the user local time or based on server time(default)


  • Fixed select style option.


  • Complete core rebuilt.
  • New:
  • — New Admin Panel
  • — Google font integrate
  • — More timer customization
  • — Color and size customization for label text
  • — Quick translation
  • — Right-To-Left (RTL)


  • Important Fix: WP 3.9 color picker compatibility with jquery 1.10+


  • Important Fix: WP 3.5 links bug fix
  • Fixed datapicker


  • Important Fix: Get server time instead of local PC time. See same values on any GMT/UTC time zone
  • Fixed p or br tag inclusion on some themes
  • Move script to separate file. More cleaner code


  • First version. Stable version.

    Contact us for support: