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UiChemy – Figma to WordPress (Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks)

UiChemy – Figma to WordPress (Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks)


Convert Figma Designs into Live WordPress Websites in seconds. You can edit your website using the popular Elementor Page Builder, Bricks Builder & Default Gutenberg Block Editor.

Well, that’s it, that’s the product. Install can bring your website to reality!

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Read our Onboarding Guidelines to Get Best Output with UiChemy

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How Does UiChemy Work?

  1. Design your Website in Figma. (Following Design Guidelines)
  2. Install UiChemy Figma Plugin & Export Designs.
  3. Download UiChemy WordPress Plugin to Connect with Figma
  4. Import Figma Design directly to your WordPress Site

NB: You can also manually download JSON file and import Templates

Seems like too good to be true?

👉🏻 Watch How it works: See in Action
👉🏻 Read How it works: Figma to Elementor Convertor

What makes UiChemy Exclusive?

You can further edit them directly from your preferred page builder.

This is not Figma to HTML Code Convertor, it converts Figma designs to Elementor Editable website using its widgets set. No HTML Code is added. You can edit these templates using supported Elementor Widgets, Brick Elements or Gutenberg Blocks.


🥇 The Plus Addons for Elementor – 120+ Powerful Elementor Widgets for Elementor Page Builder.

The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg – 90+ WordPress Blocks for Default Gutenberg Block Editor. The Same Plus Power for Core Gutenberg Block Editor.

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Tangkapan Layar

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  • Figma to Elementor Convertor
  • Figma to Bricks Builder Convertor
  • Figma to WordPress Gutenberg Convertor
  • UiChemy WordPress Plugin Connector
  • Publish Figma Design Directly to WordPress website

Tanya Jawab

How does the Figma to WordPress Convertor Plugin work?

UiChemy works by integrating directly with Figma, Elementor, Bricks & Gutenberg(Coming Soon). Once you have designed your website layout in Figma, you can export a template JSON or push the file directly using our UiChemy WordPress plugin. It’s a simple 3-step process; just follow our design guidelines in the docs. To get started, please check our documentation.

Is this plugin a standalone software or specifically designed for WordPress?

This is a WordPress Plugin that you need to install to directly import your Figma designs from UiChemy Figma Plugin. This plugin acts as connector to fetch templates from Figma.com

Is coding knowledge required to operate the Figma to WordPress Convertor Plugin?

Not at all. UiChemy does not require you to know any lines of code. It works seamlessly between both platforms; all you have to do is plug in and export your designs.

Do you plan to add Figma to Bricks Builder Convertor?

Yes, we’ve released our Bricks Builder integration – Figma Plugin for Bricks Builder

Do you plan to add Figma to WordPress (Gutenberg Block Editor)?

Yes, we have released a version compatible with the Gutenberg Block Editor. This allows you to convert Figma designs to the default WordPress Block editor, aka Gutenberg Editor. Additionally, For Tagging – our plugin supports blocks from The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg.

Do I need to pay to use UiChemy?

We have a FREE plan that allows up to 10 design exports per month. To export more, we suggest checking out our paid plans.

Which versions of Elementor does the plugin support?

We support the latest version of Elementor. We closely follow Elementor updates and make changes for the best compatibility.

Is Elementor PRO necessary for the plugin’s functionality?

You can use UiChemy with both Elementor FREE and Elementor PRO. It depends on your design; if your design needs Elementor PRO widgets like a contact form, having the Pro version helps in creating better designs. We support both Elementor FREE & Pro widgets.

Does it operate solely with Elementor or require additional Elementor addons?

As makers of the popular Elementor Addon with over 120K+ active users, we aim to make life easier for our users. Hence, we’ve added support for The Plus Addons for Elementor widgets. These widgets allow you to go beyond and create beautiful websites, offering over 120+ unique Elementor widgets with powerful design controls.

How accurate are the design conversions from Figma to WordPress using this plugin?

The accuracy depends entirely on your design structure. We support Absolute position, but we recommend you to use Auto Layout one for better responsive design. However, if your design follows our simple standard design guidelines, we’ve observed up to 90% – 95% accuracy in design conversion from Figma to Elementor. With every update, we aim to increase this percentage.

Is there a refund policy if I’m dissatisfied with the plugin’s performance?

We want to ensure you love our products. That’s why we offer our highest 60-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our results, you can always request a refund, and our team will facilitate a 100% refund.

What support options are available for assistance with the plugin?

All UiChemy users receive support directly from our helpdesk & livechat. You can reach with any of the following methods to get support with UiChemy.

Are the designs generated by the plugin Responsive?

That depends on, as if you are using Auto Layout, most structures will be responsive by its own. On top of that We’ve provided responsive manager settings in UiChemy, Where you can customize it as per your design structure and set multiple responsive values, that is super useful for websites which made with Branding guidelines. You can set the value to ensure the best responsive conversion. Please check this to understand more about the responsive manager.

Do you guys have any other product, how old are you in the industry?

We’ve been active in the WordPress industry for over 8+ years, serving 120K+ users from 120+ countries globally. With an average rating of 4.5 stars across all our products, we deliver top-notch plugins & tools ready to use for any scale of the website.


30 Juni 2024
We were hesitant to use this tool because we had bad experiences with the Fignel and Yokoto for figma to Elementor Process. However, after we started using it and received a lot of help from the support team, our team became experts. This tool saves us 80% of our design conversion time. It’s a new workflow to adapt to, but once we implemented it, it saved us time and allowed us to take on more projects.
6 Maret 2024 1 balasan
UIChemy plugin works like a magic! I have been using it for my client work and I confirm that it has saved me 80% of my development time. Obviously it can’t get everything done but its pretty awesome. Most importantly the support team instantly replies if I have some problem. If you are an web-agency, I am pretty sure you won’t regret this purchase!
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26 June 2024
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


26 June 2024
– Improved : Added support for rest_route to Reduce URL Unreachable errors.


13 June 2024
– Improved : Gutenberg image import functionality.
– Fix : Reduced the left menu UiChemy logo size.


4 June 2024
– Added : Gutenberg & Bricks Import Functionalities for new & Existing Posts.
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


21 May 2024
– Added : Elementor Import Functionalities for new & Existing Posts.
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


21 March 2024
– Added : Uichemy Settings : On Boarding Process
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


15 March 2024
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


5 March 2024
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


– Update : Design Improvement
– Fix : Minor Bug Fixes & Improvements


28 December 2023
– Initial Release