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Tipsmoon Infinite Scroll Posts Gallery


This will show the infinite scroll for all your related posts at the end of the all posts of website in concerned category. The function of the plugin is pretty simple. Just install and activate the plugin and you will see a slider on all of your posts.
It shows the posts one by one by clicking the next button. All posts shown will be in descending published date order. Your most recent post will be shown on first position. Current opened post will not include in the results. You can move easily through the post with the help of front and back arrow buttons on the both sides. The plugin use ajax to perform action, so no page refresh take place. This is very light weight plugin as it loads only 4 posts in the first instance and others posts will load one by one after clicking by the user.

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  • Screen shot of related post slider.


27 November 2017
Few days ago i am finding a posts slider plugin, then i found this, this is very simple and good looking on my site. I really like this. Thank you!
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  • Added related post slider on every post.