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Easily embed three.js in WordPress

What you can do:

Create three.js galleries anywhere

Create galleries using the shortcode generator in the Threepress admin, and then paste the shortcode wherever you want – the javascript that renders the shortcodes is loaded on all public pages.

A gallery renders one three.js Scene.

To customize the layout or dimensions of your gallery, use CSS. An id tag of form #threepress-gallery-[gallery name] is put on the wrapper of the <canvas> element, or use class .threepress-gallery / .threepress-gallery canvas to target all galleries.

The gallery renderer (three.js object) should adjust to match your given dimensions automatically to prevent skewing or blurring.

If you want to custom code your own gallery, scroll down to ‘javascript devs’.


All models must be in “.glb” format – most 3d programs can export to this.

They are stored in the Media Library like everything else, but can be found easily through the Threepress library, which simply filters for “.glb” extensions.

For javascript devs:

All the galleries on a given page will be available in the global variable THREEPRESS, in the galleries property. See the Gallery class (static/js/ThreepressGallery.js) for insight on interacting with these.

Tangkapan Layar

  • A GUI for quickly creating scenes, with many features planned to be added
  • Added in v1.0 - heightmaps, fog and sunlight


The plugin will create one database table to store your galleries:

This remains in place upon deactivation, so if you want to remove it you must do so manually.


4 April 2023
Great plugin with tons of options and it actually works! It has so much potential to add a lot more features, but it definitely does the job for the 3D model presentation. Well done! 🙂
28 April 2022
I love the light weight and basic design. I was a bit skeptical at first with interface seems extra, but they now becomes essential to the work flow. Having 3d knowledge knowing how to export gltf files to include texture/normal/animation/vertex/ will make this plugin just as good as other paid 3d viewer. Thank you very much for all these works!
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Log Perubahan


  • fix: some animation names were not getting decoded, so, would not play.


  • feature: Media Library will now preview glb files


  • require jquery


  • ongoing updates to Threepress World


  • Threepress World procedurally generated worlds and terrain
  • Threepress World image and model installs
  • Threepress World image and model controls


  • Threepress World, multiplayer chat, beta
  • non-fatal undefined variable in threepress.php fixed


  • activation error fixed


  • basic HDR images available


  • animation display bugfix
  • multiple threejs versions


  • animation GUI bugfixes


  • ambient lights
  • animations


  • added snow
  • saving coordinates bugfix


  • cleaner cam / light / ground positioning code, and bugfixes
  • UI tweaks


  • allow 10x more model ‘float’ granularity for ground contact


  • core features added to editor – fog, heightmaps, shadows. Also editor UI update.