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ThePath Tabbed Widget Plugin


Creates a tabbed area for RECENT, POPULAR and FEATURED posts. Saves space and doesnt bombard user with all your info at once. Uses JQUERY UI. Has its own CSS file so shouldnt conflict with your own sidebar stylings.


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Upload plugin to plugins folder in your WP install or use the automatic install through WP admin area. Activate the plugin. Then go to appearance->widgets in your WP admin area and add ThePath Tabbed Widget to your sidebars widget area. NOTE: your theme must be widget ready to run this plugin (most are these days)

Tanya Jawab

Q: How do I get rid of the “Popular Posts” title from the tab window?
A: Its an annoying feature of wppp, see how to solve it here: click here


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Log Perubahan

1.1 – Fixed some dodgy CSS and added some CSS3. Added latest stable version of Jquery UI. Widget now fits all 3 tabs in the Twenty Eleven theme from WP.