Tempus Fugit


This is a compilation of many tweaks to improve your site, including…

  1. Date Based Archives will show up from oldest to newest, instead of newest first. When you are scrolling through memory lane, you want to do it in order.
  2. Adds the %dayofyear% tag so you can have your permalinks as /%year%/%dayofyear% instead of month and day.
  3. Adds On This Day URLs and Widgets
  4. Adds This Week URLs and Widgets
  5. Adds /updated, /random, /oldest as top level archives
  6. Adds the %week% tag so you can have your permalinks include the year and adds the option for 2021/W21 to indicate Week 21 of the year.

Privacy and Data Storage Notice

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Install and activate. No configuration by default.

Tanya Jawab

Why did you create this?

I realized I was doing a lot of these little enhancements in other places, buried in my other plugins, where they were only tangentially related to what the plugin was for.
So I split all of these time based enhancements into their own thing.


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Log Perubahan

Version 1.0.9 ( 2021-11-11 )

  • No longer show this week or this day in those archives. Only show previous years.
  • Add in custom photos rewrite for On This Day and This Week features.

Version 1.0.8 ( 2021-08-08 )

  • Updated Widget Title Filter

Version 1.0.7 ( 2021-07-24 )

  • One final fix…should test better.

Version 1.0.6 ( 2021-07-24 )

  • Oops

Version 1.0.5 ( 2021-07-24 )

  • Adds week archives and week permalinks

Version 1.0.4 ( 2021-04-04 )

  • Add rewrite functions to activation hook to avoid load order issue

Version 1.0.3 ( 2021-03-19 )

  • Add Simple Location Map Rewrites
  • Add This Week Widget and URLs

Version 1.0.2 ( 2021-03-13 )

  • Link to day archive in On This Day widget
  • On This Day Widget Title links to On This Day Archive

Version 1.0.1 ( 2021-03-09 )

  • Fix Activation Only Issue

Version 1.0 (2021-03-09)

  • Initial Release