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Unit test your rewrite rules from the WordPress Admin.

By: Matthew Boynes and alleyinteractive.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 3 tahun ago
300+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: 3.9.17

This plugin adds a link in admin bar to clear the cache generated by Hyper Cache. No settings, just a button.

By: Dric.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 5 tahun ago
100+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: 3.3.2

A Learning Management System for BuddyPress

By: Stas Su?cov, Jeremy Boggs, Boone Gorges, John James Jacoby, and Chelsea Otakan.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 4 tahun ago
90+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: WordPress 3.5 / BuddyPress 1.6

Offer your blogs visitors the posibility to take an english level test according to the Common European Framework of Reference levels.

By: NowSquad.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 4 tahun ago
70+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: 3.4.2

The most advanced quiz plugin for WordPress. One plugin to rule the all. Quizlord features advanced possibilities not available in any other plugin.

By: Nahapet Nahapetyan - VMS studio.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 2 tahun ago
20+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: 4.2.13

Preflightcheck runs various php test scripts to avoid errors when developing and deploying. Preflightcheck is easily extensible.

By: hellofuture.se.

Terakhir Diperbarui: 5 tahun ago
10+ active installs
Kompatibel hingga: 3.4.2

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