TinyMCE Spellcheck

TinyMCE Spellcheck adds the spellcheck button back to the editor in WordPress 3.6 and up.

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Turn your most complex website challenges into manageable tasks—all from a single platform. Siteimprove is…

Siteimprove 1,000+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 6.2.3 Diperbarui 3 bulan yang lalu

Free Dictionary

Free Dictionary Widget for WordPress provides an English Dictionary that gives you English definitions, synonyms,…

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Gwirydd Sillafu Cymraeg

Gwirio sillafu a gramadeg gydag adnodd Cysill Prifysgol Bangor. Welsh-language spelling and grammar checker.

Golwg 10+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 5.6.12 Diperbarui 3 tahun yang lalu


GöSPress is a spellcheck plug-in for WordPress built on GoogieSpell. GöSPress provides spellcheck for posts,…

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