Udinra All Image Sitemap

Automatically creates XML and Image sitemap and pings Google,Bing and Ask.com

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WordPress Robots.txt optimization (+ Multisite) – Website traffic, ranking & SEO Booster + Woocommerce

Better Robots.txt is an all in one SEO robots.txt plugin, it creates a WordPress virtual…

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Check Search Engine Visibility on Migration

This plugin is designed for people who has a developmental site that is different from…

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Addendio LITE – Find WordPress plugins and themes

Try any plugin/theme on a sandbox for FREE. No more messing around with your installation.

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Search Engine Visibility Warning

Show a warning message when your blog visibility is blocked for search engines. Also, hides…

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noindex Past Events

Automatically add a "noindex" meta tag to past events' detail pages to prevent them from…

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