Ocean Posts Slider

Display your latest posts in a beautiful slider with different options.

OceanWP 10.000+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 5.8.2 Diperbarui 4 bulan yang lalu

WP Posts Carousel

WP Posts Carousel is a widget and a shortcode generator to displays posts or custom…

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Widget Box Lite

A toolbox of great widgets for your daily blogging. Display recent posts, social links and…

Theme4Press 1.000+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 5.8.2 Diperbarui 5 bulan yang lalu

Post Slider

Post slider is a WordPress plugin that turns your posts into a post slider.

Themepoints 500+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 5.7.4 Diperbarui 8 bulan yang lalu

JWD PostSlider Widget

Display your posts through a full responsive and highly customisable carousel widget.

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Category Posts Slider Pro

Category Posts Slider Pro is designed to display your selected posts according to the categories…

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Wp Mock Slider

Wp Mock Slider is an awesome WordPress slider plugin with a lot of nice features.…

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Posts Slider Shortcode

WordPress Posts Slider is a WordPress plugin Slider of default posts with responsive design.

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WPCT Drag & Drop Recent Posts

You can display image slides with title, image, author name, date, description, and read more…

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