Powie's WHOIS Domain Check

Check a Domain WHOIS Lookup for availability. Simple insert the [pwhois] shortcode on a page…

Thomas Ehrhardt 800+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 6.1.6 Diperbarui 1 tahun yang lalu

Postcodes4U Address Finder

Tested ContactForm7 4.9.2 – 5.8.4 Tested Gravity Forms 2.4.15 – 2.8.0 Stable tag: trunk Postcodes4U…

3X Software Ltd 500+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 6.4.4 Diperbarui 4 bulan yang lalu

CF Internal Link Shortcode

A flexible shortcode and lookup tool for creating internal links in post/page content (or anywhere…

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abuse.ch httpBL check

This plugin checks if a visitor is listed on httpBL.abuse.ch.

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Free IP Lookup Widget

Allows your visitors to see their IP address and location on your Wordpress site.

Hide My IP 10+ instalasi aktif Teruji dengan 4.9.25 Diperbarui 6 tahun yang lalu