Add Any Extension to Pages

Add any extension of your choosing (e.g. .html, .htm, .jsp, .aspx, .cfm) to WordPress pages.

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Extensions for Elementor

The World's Leading WordPress page builder just got more powerful with useful 20+ free Elementor…

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Meteorite Extensions

Meteorite Extensions registers many widgets and extends support for the page builder by SiteOrigin and…

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ESB URL Extension

This plugin will allow you to add extensions to WordPress url as per your preference.

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Custom Page Extensions

Allows you to add a custom extension to your page URLs. This only affects pages…

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Conversions Extensions

Adds homepage sections, one click demo imports, social icons, and other features to Conversions theme…

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Extensions by HocWP Team

The list of extensions for using in theme which is created by HocWP Team.

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Easy Up-Sell for WooCommerce

A WordPress plugin that allows you to hide or show products to your customers based…

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