Easy Sign Up

This Plugin creates a form to collect the name and email from your visitors, who…

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CF7 AutoResponder Addon

Allows automatic subscription of people to your MailChimp list after they've submitted a CF7 form.…

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Newsletter by Supsystic

Simple email newsletter plugin with unlimited subscribers and newsletters. Create, send and track mass of…

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[GWA] AutoResponder

A plugin to add an AutoResponder and Double Opt-in Mail List Builder to your weblog.

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Smart Email Alerts

Enable your readers to subscribe to custom email alerts for all the topics, authors and…

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Comment-Emailer allows you to customize the email wordpress automatically sends when a new comment, pingback…

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Apricotrocket CRM Plugin

Make your website interactive by adding an integrated CRM database, custom forms, email newsletters, marketing…

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Aweber Super Simple

AWeber Super Simple allows you to subscribe users to an AWeber autoresponder when they register…

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This plugin adds a subsciption form to your blog, so that your viewers can subscribe…

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